Thursday, January 29, 2009

LOST: Jughead

In this world of change, nothing which comes stays, and nothing which goes is lost.
-Anne Sophie Swetchine

Aaah, Des and Penny, your kid Charlie is super cute! (And very sweet of you to name him Charlie- I assume its after rocker Charlie and not Penny's dad Charles). Please oh please stay together through everything and avoid googly-eyed Ben so he doesn't kill Penny! I'm a little bit nervous, because there was definitely a sense in this episode that Penny knows something, or has some foreboding- she was fairly somber throughout, ans yes she had reason to be, but it was at times that didn't always make sense like when Des was talking to Charlie about Scotland - "Also where he broke her (Penny) heart," and, "you forgot to tell him about his grandfather." Maybe she is more aware of what lies ahead than we know. Perhaps she knows what her dark fate will be if she goes with Desmond, but she would rather go then be without him. It seemed like more than just women's intuition or previous experience. I love how quickly she knew that Des was lying.

Never been a huge fan of Widmore, but I do believe the man really does love his daughter. It was cool to see Widmore so young on 50s island. I wonder if we will see him at different ages as the island jumps through time and I wonder if it is his apparent temper and issues with authority that got him kicked off the island, if that is what happened. From how well established he is off the island and Penny having no memories of the island (as far as we know), he must have been off it for quite some time. Really, I mainly just really want to know the Widmore/Ben connection. Widmore just gets more and more crucial to the plot: his funding of Daniel's work and paying for the medical expenses of the Teresa Palmer girl. I wonder if we will see more of that girl. Is she like Desmond and can exist in different times in her mind? Will we see her on the island at some point though her body is in Oxford? Daniel, as far as we know, doesn't seem the type to hurt someone intentionally, so if he was using her for an experiment like with the rats and tried to send her brain to another time, he must have been pretty sure of himself. We did see a little bit of a darkness in Daniel this week though, which I liked. I have been getting a little bored by his quiet, passive, I'm-super-smart-and-its-not-even-worth-trying-to-explain-things-to-you attitude. I wonder if we will ever find why/how was he involved with a hydrogen bomb in the 50s - 'You just couldn't stay away, could you?' and, 'I assume you've come back for your bomb.' - were they just assuming that he was one of the people who put the bomb there?

Wow, bold words with that admission about Charlotte there Dan. (Though if I were her I would be super annoyed with you not telling me what the heck was happening to me when you obviously know. Charlotte never seemed like the type who would just let something go, so I think she must really trust Dan.) I am fairly indifferent to her as a character, but I hope she doesn't die for your sake, because she did seem rather surprised and pleased by your declaration, and it appears that you have been unlucky in love in the past. Plus, we still need to find out her story of being born on the island.

That Other girl, Ellie, who Daniel said, 'looks a lot like someone he used to know,' is undoubtedly the younger version of Ms. Hawking. Is she then his mother and did he realize it? I don't think I will ever again be surprised by anything we learn that Dan knows. I wonder how long it has been since Daniel has spoken with his mother since he didn't know she was in California in real time. I also wonder how much he really knows about who his mother is and her connection with the island, assuming his mother is Ms. Hawking. Did she and Widmore gets 'exiled' or whatever at the same time? Maybe Penny and Dan are siblings. (I know, its stretching... ;)

I am digging the Sawyer and Juliette dynamic more than I expected to- they are both such smart asses. ;) I think it would never have worked if it was Sawyer from Season One and pre-island Juliette, but they have both changed so much, him getting softer and her getting tougher, that it might really work. Now we just need Jack to be himself again for Kate- getting rid of the beard was a HUGE step in the right direction there buddy. Also, the tripwire that Miles saw too late... is it super morbid of me that I get a wicked kick out of random survivor extras getting killed off ;) I want more Miles back story- creepy with him talking to the dead American soldiers in the grave they walked over. (Also, Daniel wasn't shocked by this, so I guess he is aware of Miles' skill- it was unclear before).

The theory of Fate: From the very first season of LOST, it has become more and more apparent that the main characters of Oceanic Flight 815 were 'chosen' to end up on the island. Through the seasons we've discovered connections between the passengers that they don't even know about, and we've begun to learn more about the Others and the interesting fact that they know so much about all of the passengers. It seemed that our main characters were hand-picked by the Others, or some other group in some man-made plot and that the crash was an intentional thing by some group or other to get these people to the island. We have since learned it was in fact Desmond not pushing the button in the hatch in time that caused an 'electromagnetic buildup' that caused the plane to malfunction and crash. We have also met Jacob and the Smoke Monsters and learned of the islands healing powers and some of its mystical history and that it is sort of a living (and thinking?) entity on its own. As far as we are aware, during the first four seasons of LOST the island stayed in one Time until Ben turned the wheel. So for the Others to get knowledge of all of the passengers so quickly, did someone from the future come to them before the crash even happened and explain to them what was going to occur? Are they simply very well networked so that when people chance upon the island they can deal with it and protect the island? The more we learn about the Others, the less in control of things they actually seem to be- they don't seem to be calling all of the shots, they are assisting the Island which seems to be come kind of tool of Fate. We have learned that Fate cannot be changed (though Desmond is a wild card). Have The Others discovered a way to be one step ahead of Fate? Maybe the Others, by 'tracking' Fate, are helping it along to some degree. It doesn't run smoothly though because people make their own choices and emotions get in the way and can be affected by the choices of others. So, though Fate is 'fixed,' it can come about in a multitude of different ways. Perhaps the master plan of the world was thrown off somehow by the Dharma Initiative trying to harness the islands powers and now Fate has found a way to put itself right again with this particular group of people. Perhaps the island jumping around to different times isn't completely random- perhaps Fate/The Island is jumping to specific times so that the people can fix/change things and put everything back on track the way it is supposed to be. Perhaps it is jumping to times where things can be arranged to allow for the Oceanic 6 to return. Maybe all of our castaways are just tools of Fate. I don't think they were necessarily born into this destiny, but because of they way there lives went they became the people that Fate needed. Questions: If Fate is fixed, why is it so reliant on Ben and Others? Mrs. Hawking said that if Ben can't get them all back to the island in 70 hrs, 'God help us all.' Also, everything sort of came full circle with Locke in this episode and it seems he is really only the chosen one because he believes it and because he showed up in the past and made Richard aware of him for the future. That is awfully sneaky and frankly kind of lazy/ingenious of fate, letting Locke essentially create his own fate, though it was Fate's plan all along? Plus, Richard didn't seem to be aware of time travel- did they not know about it until Dharma discovered the wheel? Aaaaah, the mind reels.

Enough of my ramblings, here are some thoughts of others:

Could the Numbers ''4 8 15 16 23 42'' correspond to the length of the castaways' shifts in time? If the first shift sent the castaways from January 2005 to the day the drug plane crashed on the Island (presumed to be the late '90s or early '00s), that could be a four- or eight-year jump. If the second shift took them to a point in time after the Hatch imploded and drug plane crashed, that could be a 15- or 16-year jump into the future, and if the third shift took them to the Desmond era, then...uh...okay, I'm losing the math. But this is cool. I want it to be true!
Notice that Widmore says that everything Ben has, he took from him. In essence, in this confrontation, Ben represents the Dharma Initiative, and Widmore represents the Others. Dharma came to the island, unwanted by the original inhabitants, and one of them became the leader of the Others. Widmore apparently thinks Jacob's decision to make an outsider their leader was a mistake.
Hawking's son, Daniel Faraday, went to the island on Widmore's freighter. Charlotte Lewis, also from the freighter, claims she is on the island looking for the place where she was born, which almost certainly makes her parents Others as well. And a popular theory going around right now is that Miles Straume was the infant son of Pierre Chang and his wife that we saw in the season premiere. If these assumptions turn out to be true, that means that all three of our key Freighter Folk are the children of either Others or members of the Dharma Initiative. All three of them have past ties to the island. And all three of them are now traveling through time, putting them in the position to encounter their parents in the past. (Daniel met his mother in this very episode.) And let's not forget Penelope Widmore, another Other descendant, who now could be on her own path to the island alongside her husband. Widmore sent a freighter to find the island, but tellingly, he wasn't on it. He told Ben that he intends to take ownership of the island, but he never said anything about traveling back there himself. Hawking is helping Ben get the Oceanic 6 back to the island, but her language ("seventy hours is what you've got") suggests that she won't be joining them. Is there something preventing this older generation of Others from returning to what is presumably their place of origin? We saw a slightly new shade of Widmore in his warning to Desmond at the end of their encounter (easily my favorite scene of the entire hour; Desmond's barely contained fury practically jumped off the screen), when he asked him to deliver Faraday's message to his mother and then "get out of this mess." It felt to me like the one altruistic thing he's ever said to Desmond. Widmore wants to protect his daughter from Ben, of course, but there was also the way he described the situation as a "mess" that had a very long history. It felt like a man of war who's tired of fighting and wants to keep outsiders from getting caught in the crossfire.
Now that we know the Others killed these U.S. military men who came to the island to test a hydrogen bomb, it's obvious that the Others took their uniforms, guns, tents, and other equipment and used them as their own. So none of the names on any of the uniforms the Others are wearing are their own names. They're the names of the soldiers they killed. We've seen the Others take possession of the things outsiders have brought to the island before, such as the Barracks built by the Dharma Initiative. This appears to be a longtime practice.
The janitor told Desmond that he wasn't the first person to come poking around in Daniel's old lab, trying to find out about his work. So who else has been there? (Ben?)
Richard told Locke that they have a very specific process for selecting their leadership, and that process begins at a very young age. We've already seen Ben undergo part of this process, and Richard's travels off the island to visit young John Locke were also parts of it. I can't help wondering who else has undergone this process. Anyone we know? Or maybe someone who lived a long time ago, and had only four toes?
Why was Alpert present when Locke was born? Because Locke told him when it would happen, and Alpert went there as a way to determine if Locke was telling the truth. This must have semi-blown Alpert's mind, since he continued to visit Locke over the course of his youth - and this helps explain why the Island Originals all thought he was so special... because he is a freaking time traveling, future predicting "old guy"! mean that Locke really isn't that special or "chosen"? If the Island Originals only think he's special due to his time skipping, is he really the best choice for the future leader of the Others? (They haven't addressed it for a while, but it always seemed to me that perhaps Aaron is the one who is supposed to be the future leader- maybe Locke is just the guy they need right now to help make that happen since Aaron is to small to understand it yet)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

LOST S5 Premiere: Because You Left & The Lie

It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.
-Chuck Palahniuk

Sigh, well, we're back, and better than ever. Holy schnikeys, all over the spectrum with the scene jumping! Not just flash backs and flash forwards, oh no, now the whole island has to literally jump through time! They could go anywhere with this now. I mean, the British WWII era looking soldiers coming after Sawyer and Julliette in the night? I hope we get to see Rousseau again, and I hope at some point we will meet some Greeks building a certain statue... So last season was- island time: them getting off, present time: what has happened to the lives of the Oceanic 6 to get them to this point. This season seems to be- island time: what happened to them after the 6 left, present time: getting back to the island. Maybe the new surprising twist next season, as the final season, will be that there are no flashes and it is all just done in real time on the island. It would be very interesting (boring?) to watch LOST not jumping all over.

Interesting intro with Daniel spying on the original Dharma. (Or is he somehow actually a part of the original Dharma, dun dun duh!) Dr. 'Candle,' (who goes by different names in the different videos we've seen of him) had a wife and a baby on the island. Was the baby conceived and born on the island? Was having babies on the island not a problem until the Dharma Initiative did something to mess things up? Is the baby we saw Miles or related to him? If so, perhaps Miles wanted to stay there to try to find the ghosts of his lost relatives or finish their work.

Riddle me this: With the island jumping around to different times, say they jump to a time when Juliette is in the camp with the Others- would she vanish from the camp and be where she is with Sawyer, assuming that a person can't exist in two places at once? When we saw Desmond, he wasn't physically in two places at once because they were in the past on the island and he's a wild card anyway. Also, why don't Richard and his people also move when the island moves? "I didn't go anywhere John, you did." Why? Because he already existed in all of the times they go to? If they bring Locke back to the island will he become alive again or be a ghost like Christian Shepherd?

Uh oh, Charlotte needs a Constant. Why can't Daniel just be her Constant since they have been together in all of her 'times.' Maybe if the polar bear isn't dead yet in one of their time jumps it can be her Constant (The first flash we had of Charlotte was her with a group who discovered a polar bear in the Tunisian desert where Ben got spit out after turning the wheel. Oh well, different polar bear anyway ;) Wouldn't all of them need Constant's though? If whatever is happening to her is NOT a Constant issue, then what is it Daniel isn't telling her? We know that she was born on the island and is sort of there to discover her past, but not whether she was conceived on the island. If she was in fact conceived there and some how cheated death when she was born, maybe now that she is back it (fate, death) is catching up with her. She mentioned forgetting her mother's maiden name, but did she know her mother or did her mother die when she was born? Maybe she is more affected than everyone because she has been to the island before. What is the connection between Daniel and Charlotte anyway? I always simply thought that he was a little enamoured of her, but right when he realised what was happening to her he told Desmond to find his mother- are they somehow related?

So Ms. Hawking, the mystical old lady that we saw in a couple of Desmond flashes, is back. Is she Daniel's mom that he told Desmond to find? He told Des to find his mom at Oxford, which is also where Des found Daniel in the past when he had to make Penny his Constant. In the recap episode before the premiere, Damon and Carlton (the show writer/producers) reminded us of the fact that all of these people are interconnected, and said that there are still more connections to be revealed, so that is all I could think when the mystic lady showed up again. I suppose she could be related to Charlotte. Who are these other off-island people like the butcher lady (who's name I can't remember) that follow Ben anyway? Are they like Ben and have been sort of kicked off the island but are still connected to it and, like Ben, want to get back?

70 hours left Ben? Really? They've been off of the island for three years and all of a sudden you have 70 hours left to get everyone back and save the island? It is a little unnerving seeing Ben sort of frantic and not calm and collected like usual. Has the island been jumping around through time for the whole three years that they've been gone and its going to implode or something if they don't stop it? Was Ben wasting valuable time all of those years by using Sayid and exacting his on revenge on Whidmore's group? Ooh, or, if they are going for the whole, Locke is a Christlike figure and has to die to redeem/save them all, then its been a day since he died, 70 hours is about three days... rising in three days... how long has he been dead already though? Even though he knows he has to die, I still have a hard time seeing Locke killing himself. Maybe we will see him change a lot by the time he leaves the island.

Are Hurley's visions getting more elaborate? Anna Lucia had a whole car. Sweet scene. 'Thanks Anna Lucia,' 'Libby says hi' ;) Its interesting that Hurley sees his ghosts as they were before the island, not how he actually knew them. I wonder if the spectres get to choose their guise or if its just Hurley's subconscious. PS, Anna Lucia distinctly told you to avoid the police, Hurley!

Does Sun have it in for Ben and Jack? (And possibly still Kate, despite what she said?) I kind of like seeing Sun as the Ice Queen. Did Ben sick the police on Kate to get her willing to go back or did Sun do it as some kind of vengeance? I'd really like to know what Sun knows and discover her true motives if they are more than retribution. Question: If when they go back it has to be forever, what about Sun's baby girl? (Who, by the way, looked way too little in that photo- shouldn't she be like 2 1/2 or so my now? Maybe Sun is away too much to have a recent photo? Hmmm. Maybe, if we want to be morbid, the child died and Sun has lost even more than just Jin... perhaps with her grief she has become a dangerous combination of both crazy and calculating, like Ben)

(What did Ben take out of the vent at the hotel and stick in his bag?)

Hated Neil, the new island castaway extra. All I could think of when he got shot with the fiery arrow was, 'about time.' I almost wonder if the writers threw him in there and made him especially annoying as sort of a funny ode to the whole Paolo/Nikki incident. ;) Also, about the flaming arrows- what time was that in? Seems a bit of an archaic weapon choice. Also, why do these people just start shooting instead of trying to be friends or at least just take hostages or something.

Favorite lines of the night:
Ben- That's the spirit
Sawyer- Shut it Ginger!
Hurley- You know maybe if you ate more comfort food, you wouldn't have to go around shooting people Richard- It points North, John
Miles - I think its Mr. Wizard
Hurley- I like Shih Tzus, Register girl- It looks like you heart them
- And I love, love, love Hurley's island recap to his mom! (And Hurley throwing the hot pocket at Ben ;)

Below are other thoughts, by much more clever people (with my two cents thrown in here & there) :P

Two warnings from two spectral entities about a specific person never referred to by name, only the deliberately unspecified pronoun ''him.'' In both cases, the ''him'' would seem to be Aaron. But what if they were referring to someone else? Look again at the warnings, but ignore the ''he'' and instead note the verbs:
''You're not supposed to RAISE him. Don't BRING HIM BACK, Kate. Don't you dare BRING HIM BACK.''
My theory? Jack isn't being dissuaded from raising children. And Kate isn't being beseeched to keep Aaron away from the Island. No, both of these characters are being told the same thing: They are being warned against resurrecting a dead man.
You're not supposed to raise him ... FROM THE DEAD. Don't you dare bring him back ... TO LIFE.
I also think it seems like they're setting Locke up to be a Christ-figure – sacrificing his life to save the others and then his body being taken from the tomb/funeral parlor. I'm just waiting for him to be resurrected.
When Richard was explaining to Locke that he needed to get the Oceanic 6 back to save the island, I started to wonder why the island needed them. But the island is jumping time back and forth, much like Desmond was before he made contact with Penny. Are the Oceanic 6 the island's Constant? Or at least the people who are time jumping? (if this is the case, would that make them Jacob's Constant since he represents the island?)
I think we know how Richard knew Locke was special and visited when he was a kid. Locke must have visited him in the distant past and spiked Richards curiosity in Locke causing him to follow Locke his entire life.
Since Locke has to die to help the island, according to Richard Alpert, Locke is probably a messianic type character who will rise again in three days. That is why Ben did not confirm it when Jack asked in the funeral home if Locke was really dead. Also, when Ben went to the butcher shop, the discussion never mentioned that Locke was dead.It seems that the island controls time for everyone (people in the world and on the island) and if it gets completely screwed up, it will affect everyone as the old woman (who is probably Daniel Faraday's mother and is also the creepy woman from the bookstore that Desmond met in season 2 and is the person that Desmond has to find in Oxford) told Ben "god help us all." The Oceanic Six have to go back to the island to make everything right again with the space-time continuum. (Hmmm, so not just to save the island but to save the world? Is this LOST or Heroes?)


Did you notice that the compass that Richard gave to Locke is the one Locke will give him in the past, which Richard will in turn question Locke about as a child...although kid Locke makes the wrong choice.


If the man behind the curtain is a woman (Ms. Hawking, the real Mr. Wizard), is she pitting all the survivors from different time periods against each other?


Looks like the mechanics of the island and its connection to time travel were in fact in place before Dharma came to town, if that scene with Faraday and Dr. Candle/Chang and the wheel is true. And Dharma just wanted to harness that power?In any event, it looks like Faraday has traveled in time before. So that's how he understands this whole thing. And not just because he's studied it. So does that mean he came to the island to study time travel intentionally (before this) or does it mean the island came to him?

Charlotte mentions that for a moment, she couldn't remember her mother's maiden name. Now, we know that the comment, combined with bloddy nose, was to let us know she is having the same issue that Desmond had last season. But, her mother must be involved. Combined with Charlotte's previous comment about trying to find out where she was from, I still think her mom is...Annie, Ben's childhood bud (Ooh, I like this- I always hoped that Annie would pop back up at some point since she seemed so important to childhood Ben, and is probably the woman who Julliette 'looked so much like,' and she was very purposefully NOT shown as dead when Ben whiped out Dharma...)


So, Dan was on the island before the hatch was built or was it some type of time travel that he was there when they were drilling? It would explain how his brains got scrambled (remember when we first met Dan he was crying over the plane crash but didn't know why). He was probably messing around with the "energy" on the island and cooked his brains. He would no longer be of use to them and that could be why they let him go home and why they wanted him to go back. Also, seems like now we see that Dan has a prior connection to island, we think Charlotte does and my guess is we will find out what …. 's is too. That is why they chose those three to go on the mission back to the island on the freighter.


I was thinking back to Desmond's flash where he saw Claire and the baby getting on a helicopter and getting off of the island. Since we have been told many times that you can't change events, then this must be the end when they all get saved. Desmond told Charlie that through his sacrifice they would all be saved.

YOU CAN'T ESCAPE YOUR FATE — BUT YOU CAN CHANGE THE DETAILS. This was dramatized by Desmond's repeated attempts to save Charlie's life. Desmond would get flashes of the future. He'd see how Charlie was going to bite it — by drowning; by lightning strike; by booby trap — and he would intercede. But eventually, Fate brainstormed a scenario that could kill Charlie. So Fate is both fixed and flexible. Again, it's like Lost. The unchangeable master plan consists only of major milestones. But the route that connects these markers can be found along the way.
So here's my theory. There is a war being waged among various people that have knowledge of Fate's master plan. They know they can't change the unchangeable events — but they're not trying to. What they're trying to change are the details that facilitate those milestones. And those details can include the shape and form of entire lives. The Island is the central battleground for this war, and a final conflict is looming, one which will determine the singular, settled shape of history itself. Many things are at stake, including the very existence of a man who has always lurked in the jungle shadows — a dead man who might yet live again: Jack's father, Christian Shepherd.
This is the answer to the Mystery of the Empty Tomb — er, the Empty Coffin: Christian Shepherd, the man with the Jesus pun name, is not dead. He's not quite alive, either — not yet. It all depends on the final battle, one that will be settled, no doubt, by a choice that will be made by Jack. If he chooses one way, the timeline takes a form in which Christian remains dead. Jack will go to Australia to rescue his father from a drunken bender and find him in a morgue. If he chooses another way, the timeline takes another form — one in which Jack goes to Australia, finds his father alive, and brings him back... on Oceanic 815.
Until this issue is resolved, poor Christian flickers between existence and non-existence, much in the same way video game characters do right after they get killed but just before they re-enter the game with new life. Of course, if this theory is correct, and if Jack chooses Door No. 2, then it begs the question: How might Lost be different if Jack's father was among the surviving castaways?