Friday, January 29, 2010

LOST is Coming ...

Whew! Okay, so its almost here folks! If you need some invite ideas for a LOST party, here you go.

If you need a refresher, here is the finale from Season 5:

The Incident- Part 1

The Incident- Part 2

There are so many rumors and theories flying about who will live, who will die, what it all means, who are truly the villains, when will this season take place... Being the final season the gloves are off, as they say, so here are some of my predictions:

1- Sayid will die before the end. I actually thought he was going to die a couple of different times last season, and yet he lived on. I think he is ready. He has been through such an emotional roller coaster and I think he is damaged beyond the possibility of a happily-ever-after. I have thought since the beginning (except for the Libby debacle, don't get me started) that for the most part, all of the characters that have died found a degree of closure first. Sometimes closure is simply being too tired to care any more. I don't think he is too tired to fight for his friends, but I think if a martyr is needed it will be him because he is ready for quiet peace, and I think death will be his peace. I am guessing more than one may die, but I feel like Sayid is a for sure.

2- Ben will live to googly eye another day. This has never been a show of purely good and evil, it has been a show declaring that we all have both of those things in us and maybe fate has some involvement, but its our choices and the people in our lives that declare who we are. None of the characters are spotless. I don't think Ben will be the ultimate villain and I don't think he will surprise us all and be the ultimate hero. I think he will make it through, looking out for himself as always, and in the end he will still be a hate-him-but-would-miss-him weasel.

3- The relationship between Jacob and the Man in Black as we have so far been led to presume will change completely. I don't know that it will go so far as to turn the tables to the point that we discover that Jacob is the true villain and the Man in Black is the 'good' one, because as I stated before, its not all good and evil, but I am not ruling that possibility out. Maybe Jacob, who seems so good, is really just a master manipulator who, like Satan, wants things to go smoothly and be in control of it all, where the man in black, like Christ, may want there to be choice in the world. I am NOT saying that they are supposed to be representing these individuals, I am just pointing out a possible parallel.

4- Every season they mix things up. We had flash backs getting to know the Castaways, then we had a new season of what has been happening on the other side of the island with the Tailies, then we got the perspective of the Others, then we started getting flash-forwards as well as flash-backs, and then finally last season we were jumping between past and present. I think this season will literally be jumping back and forth between two different realities. From the island post-bomb (whether it be in present time or still the 70s) and the very beginning, like a do-over or something. The question is, will they remember it all? If so, will they go back?

5- Not everything we want to be answered will be answered. For one thing, this is a show that can be classified in the scifi/fantasy genre, so a lot of the scientific and time travel things can't be perfectly answered because, well, hate to spoil it, but they aren't actually real. For me, as captivating as all of the mystery and puzzles on this show are, it is the depth of the characters they have created that really keeps me hooked. As long as their stories are satisfyingly concluded, that may be enough for me. I don't think we will necessarily find out exactly what the island is or how long it has been in existence or why these people were the ones chosen, and I would actually prefer it that way. Like real religion, a lot of the elements of LOST and the island are based in faith and mythology and possibly the belief in things like predestination and that time as we know it on earth is nothing to the sense of Godly time. I think LOST will end with a degree of letting us interpret things as we want to, and I think that's okay. The beauty of LOST is the mystery, and if that was completely gone in the finale... I think the story would lose something.

Here are the three different versions of the LOST Supper promo for Season 6- read into them what you will. I am sure they are chock full of symbolism and mischief:

Also, you can go here or here and do some LOST philosophizing with Doc Jensen. Yep, there IS someone who reads even more into everything than I do!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010


So I just got back from visiting my sister Torry and her family in Amarillo, Texas. I hadn't seen T since June, and I am pretty sure that is the longest the two of us have even gone not seeing each other before, so something had to be done. Problem is, there's not a whole heck of a lot to do in Amarillo. I mean, this is it's biggest claim to fame:

So, we schemed this big trip to drive to San Antonio and take the kids to Sea World while I was visiting. We got the hotel all booked and everything was official. I happened to be browsing the Sea World San Antonio website the week before Christmas, and... oh. None of us had bothered to check and see if it was going to be open. Yeah, it wasn't. Neither was Six Flags. They both close up after New Years and reopen in March. So...

We went anyway. Why not? It was only a quick trip anyway, drive down Friday, play on Saturday, drive back Sunday, so we found plenty to fill the time. We got off a little late on Friday so by the time we got to San Antonio it was a little late to do anything. Saturday we drove a ways out of town to this Safari Park which ended up really fun with the kids. It was kind of a random thing- you drive through and feed the animals out of the window, and they just have all these animals from around the world tossed in there together- African and Asian ones along with bison, burros and even a couple of Texas Longhorns. (The biggest thing we were able to pet were the longhorns by the way- huge and as tame as a puppy. I wanted to take one home and ride it to work every day) Anyway, it was a nicely put together place and the kids loved it. Next we went to a tour of these giant ancient caverns. The kids didn't love that quite as much, but the rest of us did. Caves are just cool, okay.

After that we headed back to the hotel (named Crockett, after, you guessed it, Davy Crockett, one of the heroes of the Alamo which our hotel was right across the street from). So then we toured the Alamo and strolled along the River Walk, which is just as great as I had heard, and finished out the evening with dinner at The Rainforest Cafe, which is always a good time. We were seated by this anamatronic elephant and Eva was in a snippy mood after the long day and kept complaining that it would't stop staring at her. Then we told her it was because she had such pretty hair, and after that she was enamored and giving flirty eyes to the beasty the rest of the meal. No confidence issues with that one ;)

I didn't leave til Tuesday and Monday was just a wonderful relaxing day, going around with T and the kids- a walk in the park, feeding the ducks, pushing them on the swing... doing the stuff I miss the most now that they're in Texas. We capped off the evening with a delicious meal at a Japanese restaurant and the next morning I flew away. The next time I see them I will have another nephew as T is due in April! Woot woot!

So here's some pics of my adventures in Texas. Next time I'm there I hope I get to see an armadillo:

Friday, January 22, 2010

Glee Goes International!

How awesome are these Japanese promos for Glee? Apparently the guy in both of these is a super famous sumo wrestler overseas- ha!:


Monday, January 11, 2010

Piranhas. Almost as Funny as Zombies. Almost.

I don't know why I am such a sucker for campy, gory movies! I just think they are so ridiculous that they make me laugh when a normal person would cringe. I am a huge fan of Whitney Matheson who writes Pop Candy and likes a lot of the things I like (aka, LOST) and keeps me amused and up-to-date on geeky pop culture happenings. This is one of the things she wrote about today:

Last night I went to see Youth in Revolt (very good). Outside of the movie itself, the biggest ruckus in the theater came during a trailer for Piranha 3-D, a campy horror flick opening in April. When the trailer started, I think a lot of folks assumed it was fake -- how else to explain Christopher Lloyd, Elizabeth Shue, Jerry O'Connell, Ving Rhames, Eli Roth and other familiar faces in a flick about man-eating fish? But yes, Piranha is real, and it's really in 3-D. (Director Alexandre Aja also helmed The Hills Have Eyes.) Sadly, the trailer hasn't been posted online yet, so all we have are leaked versions and set footage. If Piranha 3-D is anything like the 1978 film Piranha, though, we're in for a treat. Directed by Joe Dante (Gremlins, The 'Burbs), the '70s cult classic parodied Jaws and included bits of dialogue like this:

Resort worker: "But the piranhas ..."
Boss: "What about the (expletive) piranhas?!"
Resort worker: "They're eating the guests, sir."

Check out the original trailer:

Ummm, yeah, I feel like I am going to get a total kick out of the Piranha 3-D coming, but I also may have to see if I can track down this original. Ha!

Glee Kids

Wow, this is soooo how my future kids will be. Mark my words.

Also, Glee was just officially picked up for a second season. All is right with the world.