Tuesday, March 31, 2009

LOST: Namaste & He's Our You

Well, on Tuesday night I quick caught up with the last two weeks of episodes that I missed while I was gone on and jotted down some random thoughts:

Namaste: 1- So Horace and Amy's son is Ethan; 2- convenient that the sub of recruits is coming in that day and another batch won't come for six months- more Fate at work?; 3- I really like Frank; 4- Is it just me or does Miles' hair look like it went a lot grayer all of a sudden? 5- I feel like its almost getting hokey how eerie Christian Shephard is and the atmosphere when we see him; 6- Have I mentioned before that I love Sawyer? Way to keep your cool and compare yourself to Churchill when Jack questioned you ;) 7- Ooh, the return of little Ben- can he be stopped from purging the masses? 8- Ummm, Sawyer, what exactly did you mean when you said Daniel was with you? Where is that guy?

He's Our You: 1- Great little actor playing little -you can tell he'll grow up to have the right googly eyes. 2- Aaah, I like getting back to the following-an-individual-cast-member format of episodes. Also, just when I thought I didn't want to hear any more about the Oceanic 6 for a while, I really enjoyed getting some off-island blanks filled in. 3- 'Even a new mom wants you dead' - ha! 4- Kate, so you don't know why everyone else came, but you know why you came. So, you have a real purpose for being here and weren't just along for the ride, so it must have to do with Claire. Did she come and visit you in a dream again? Did she tell you to come and find her? Did her mom approach you? 5- I'm thinking, should have shot him one more time to make sure, Sayid. (Also, I think I need to read this book that little Ben felt inclined to read twice) This episode makes me a little worried for Sayid's ultimate survival on the show. A TEASER has already come out that at least one major character is going to die by the end of the season. I am pretty sure that Penny, who's fate we still don't know, doesn't count as a major character. My guess has been Juliette. I don't want her to die, because I actually really love Juliette and have from her first introduction, but she has such sad eyes, even when she is happy. Very, I'm-carrying-the-weight-of-the-world eyes, and she would make a good martyr. After this episode though, I am leaning towards Sayid. Maybe he has done all that the island needed him to do now.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

LOST: LaFleur

Only when you are lost can love find itself in you without losing its way.
-Helene Cixous

I was busy last night and didn't get to watch last nights episodes until I snuck a couple of minutes here and there and got through it at work this morning. So, this may not be particularly insightful ;) At the same time, it was mostly a very love-centric episode that was, albeit a necessary episode to move the characters along and fill in some blanks, not the most revealing as far as LOST plots are concerned.

Every time there was a scene with Sawyer and Juliette I felt like Kathy Geiss watching a soap opera (for anyone who watches 30 Rock) and I was just thinking, kiss! Kiss!! Sigh. So it wasn't a shock when it finally happened, but the mutual I love you is certainly going to get complicated with the other members of this quadrangle back. Nope, three years is NOT long enough to get over someone, though I suppose it depends on the person and the love- anyway, nice try Sawyer. Way to try to convince yourself you are over Kate. Its interesting though, because it feels to us that they have known each other for a long time because we have been watching them for several seasons, but in reality they only knew each other on the island for like three months. Off the island Kate and Jack lived together and were engaged for a while, and on the island Sawyer and Julliette have been living together for three years. I think if Sawyer and everyone had ended up off the island and Kate and Sawyer had tried to make it work, they would have fallen apart in the long run. When all you have is the memory of this brief and passionate and vibrant love, though, its going to be hard to let go of and might even feel like more that the stability of the real relationship you have with someone else. Intensity vs reliability? All I know is that its bound to be heartwrenching to watch how it all plays out.

Can I just say what a phenomonal actress I think Elizabeth Mitchell is? Every time Juliette even makes a face like she MIGHT cry, it makes be wanna bawl. Though I would be very pleased to be Julliette right now and its nice to see her happy, I think her name could definitely foreshadow some future martyrdom of some sort. She is such a strong and clever character, but she has just been through so much hurt, and since she was not one of the very original characters, I just don't know that I see her having a happily-ever-after when this is all over. Better to have loved and lost? Maybe once, but over and over again?

Its is very nice to see Reiko Aylesworth (Michelle from 24). Sorry your husband died and sorry your new husband isn't cuter, though he seems like a good man (sorry you die in the purge down the line- since we know your husband was there, I assume you will be too). I'm glad your son lived though- I wonder if he will be someone we know? Seems inevitable at this point. I will be dissappointed if he's not.

Cute little Charlotte. Interesting that in one moment Daniel is mumbling, 'I'm not going to tell her,' by which I presume he means being the crazy man little Charlotte saw who told her not to go back to the island, and then he is telling Miles it doesn't matter what they do (or don't) do because it has all already happened). Oh Daniel. I'm sorry you are sad, but I do kind of like seeing you act a little less smarty pantsy since you are greiving. Here is what I think about not being able to change Fate like Daniel says- yeah, maybe it all already happened, but because of that you haven't lived it all yet and you don't know what going to happen. Maybe fate can't be changed, but that doesn't mean that just because you have seen the future that it will stay that way. If you try to change something, Fate must have known that you would and it must have been in Fate's plan all along. does that make sens

Love the way Pretty Eyes was strutting up to the camp after sticking the torch in the ground. I also love how Sawyer was telling Horus to let him talk to Richard and he said, 'your buddy out there with the eyeliner' because poor actor Nestor Carbonell who plays Richard, people are always asking him and the LOST writers if he wears eyeliner for the show, but he doesn't- he's just that pretty. Ha! Sawyer's faith in Locke is sweet. LaFleur. Quick thinking you scoundrel. (I'm so glad you trimmed your hair a bit!) I love that he was just honest with Richard and has really stepped up.

Nice to see the four-toed statue in its entirety, if only for a moment. I would like to see a backstory for that, but I think its not something I will ever get. I think the only part that statue has to play is to let us know the island has been a special place that people have been coming to for ages. I wouldn't have a hard time leaving it at that except, ummmm, it only has four toes!

PS, how long are you going to make us wait to discover the fate of Penny? Damn you LOST writers! I'm sorry, you know I don't mean that, but come on!

Other Thoughts:

A few from last week:
Did you notice how many brushes with death John had BEFORE Ben killed him? It reminded me of all the ways Michael tried to kill himself – directly and indirectly – but couldn't before the freighter exploded.
I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere, but the files Cesar was looking through were straight out of Faraday's trusty notebook, shown at the end of the episode "The Constant"
Have you noticed the lack of scenes with an emotional payoff this season? I don't need every episode to be "a very special Lost," but there must be a purpose for:–No scenes with Sun saying goodbye to her baby or Kate giving up Aaron. Sun never even appears conflicted. –No emotion from Danielle when she has to kill her baby-daddy.–No emotion from Eloise when she hears about Daniel.–No more funerals. So far, they've had to leave bodies behind or see them disappear with the time changes. –No pre-flight scenes of the Oceanic 6 saying goodbye to anyone or anything (i.e. family, homes, normal life), except Jack with his grandfather, and that isn't exactly emotional–No emotion with the Jack-Kate one-night stand. It's creepy.–No sense of camaraderie on the plane. Kate brings it home when she says they're together but not together. It seems like the Oceanic 5(?) all steeling themselves to be able to make decisions on the island without emotions or any sense of love / loyalty / friendship – kinda like Ben.
Right before Locke gets up on the table to hang himself we see several closeup shots of the boot on his injured foot. I thought nothing of it until I realized that YOU CAN ONLY SEE FOUR OF HIS TOES! Significant? Who knows. Maybe as penance for killing John, Ben erects a ginormous statue to Locke's injured foot. :O)
I don't know if its been discussed but how did the polar bear get to Tunisia? Also what killed it on the other side?-------------------------------------------------------------------------------The cage Sawyer was in was some type of animal training cage. (press button for food) It is possible that the bears were trained to turn the donkey wheel (where it is cold) so people did not have to get transported to Tunsia.