Friday, February 26, 2010

LOST in a Flash: Top 10 from 'Lighthouse'

Whitney Matheson who writes the Pop Candy column on the USA Today has a LOST discussion thread after each new episode and each Friday she posts the ten most intriguing comments. I seriously cannot believe some of the little Easter Eggs people catch. Here are the ones for the 2/23/10 episode, Lighthouse. (Click the title to link to the article.)

1. Sister Carrie: "One thing that will kill you around here is infection," says Claire, the woman with The Infection.

Christian's study has a supply of MacCutcheon Scotch, the favorite of Widmore, Anthony Cooper, and Sawyer!

The Chopin piece on David's desk (Fantaisie-Impromptu in C-Sharp Minor) was the very same piece Daniel was playing as a boy!

David Shephard – really? David the Shepherd Boy who becomes King? (That's even more obvious than Christian Shephard!)

More bunny imagery and "Alice in Wonderland" references (Jack reads to Aaron, Jack reads to David). I'm pretty sure there was a key hidden in a rabbit in a Miles' flashback, too.

All their lives are bleeding into each other, like some sort of collective unconscious!

2. kbx3: Love that the sign Jack read in the conservatory when going to see David play said "Welcome Candidates."

3. justbatey: David's phone number is 734-235-6787

This is the area code for Ann Arbor, MI where Daniel Faraday was sent to work for the Dharma Initiative....

Piano playing seems even more important....

4. mjkoos: Few quick observations at the lighthouse....

When Jack was looking in the mirrors while Hurley was turning it...the first thing he saw was Japanese temples in the mirror (which were the same ones where Sun and Jin were married which is really the Valley of the Temples in Kailua, HI used a lot for wedding photos...)....and the second thing he saw was something that looked like a church steeple but was really the Oxford building that Faraday taught at. (of course, not really Oxford but what the show says Oxford...)

Also...curious that Jack noticed his appendix scar but didn't remember it in the 2004 reality. He had his appendix taken out by Juliet in Season 3(?) or 4 (?). This is the second time he had sort of recognized a physical issue on his body. In this season's premiere when he was in the airplane bathroom, he noticed a shaving nick on his neck but didn't know how it got there.

5. baconpie: I thought we were gonna see who David's mom was. Because the key was under a rabbit statue my guess is: Juliette!

6. messenger123: I think that Libby is David's mother. Why? Libby was a featured character is the Hurley-centric episode titled, "David", in the second season. And ... although we know very little about Libby's character, we know that she attended medical school before changing her career to a psychologist.

7. 6foota: #23 is CHRISTIAN Shephard, not Jack. When Jack went to his mother's home, they made a point to show the address that had '23' and another number that wasn't visible and also when the Looking Glass compass landed on ''23' it was Christian's home...not Jack's (officially). I believe Jack is 108 but never made it to that number b/c he saw his father's number.

8. hloring: Did anyone else think that when Jack went to go pick up David at the school that it might be the same school where Ben teaches and John substitute teaches?

9. lola121: Psalm 108 - Song of David

10. calnot: Interesting how Jacob was dipping his hand in the pool-o'-resurrection-for-Sayid... wonder what was going on in his mind?

Dogen tells Jack that David is special. Just like Michael was told that Walt was special.

And I don't want to believe this theory, but it won't disappear:

mreo99: Sawyer is dead! He killed himself in the house that he shared with Juliet. (Note the gun directly behind his head when Flocke first sees him and that fact that Sawyer's father also killed himself over love lost.) Flocke can only recruit dead people such as Claire while Jacob can only recruit the living. Ultimately Sawyer will kill Flocke just as Ben killed Jacob. He will heroically do so in order to save Jack (the new Jacob) and possibly Kate from Flocke.

A correction about an earlier ep:

Marvin Candle: Interesting note: On this week's podcast the producers said that the date on Claire's sonogram was a production error. It should have said September, not October. Sideways Flight 815 landed in September 2004 just like the original.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

NPH + Glee = Divinity

Just when I think I couldn't be any more excited for Glee to come back in April, I get news like this.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

LOST S6: E5- 'Lighthouse'

Not until we are LOST do we begin to understand ourselves.

-Henry David Thoreau

Jack-Centric week. Once again in this flash-sideways sequence there were starting to be some instances of memories colliding. In the beginning Jack was talking to him Mom and trying to remember when he had his appendix removed (which actually happened on the island in the other scenario). I'm excited for the eventual episode when the memories come flooding back in the flash-sideways. (Oh, and once again seeing an Other in the real world- are they just regular folks?)

So Jack has a kid named David who he only sees once a month. Who is the Mom? Maybe it doesn't matter. David is a musical prodigy who obviously really loves his Dad (sweet with the pic on the mirror and sweet voice mail Jack left him about just wanting to hear his voice). It is nice to see them all get a certain degree of closure in these flash-sideways story lines. Last week Locke realized that life was pretty okay just the way it was, wheelchair and all, and this week Jack finally had a break through that he is not destined to turn into his father. In this parallel reality they all seem to be facing the things that were their biggest fears/insecurities/struggles while we knew them on the island, and so far they have been coming out on top.

At first I was admiring this strong, wild Claire, but the introduction of skull baby wrapped that right up. She really is the new Rousseau. I really am captivated by her though. Jin! You big dummy. You way you explain to an obviously unstable woman that your mutual friend has been caring for her child is maybe something like, "you vanished into the woods and left Aaron and we searched and searched and we couldn't find you anywhere and an opportunity to get off the island became available and we thought you were probably dead and we couldn't just leave Aaron alone, so Kate made the tough decision to bring him with her for his own safety and has loved him and felt guilty ever since." Did you really had to say, "Kate took him. He's been with Kate for three years," and leave it at that? Then you try to backtrack, admitting to her that you lied to her to protect her enemy (even though retracting the information about Kate is the actual lie). So now she thinks you are just a big liar who wants to drag her to the Temple, aka, the headquarters of her sworn enemies, and she wants to murder Kate... Badly played sir, badly played.

PS to Claire, you need new friends. You said you had your Dad and your friend, who, no surprise, turned out to be the LockeNess Monster. I am still thinking it is possible that ol' Smokey is actually the one who has been appearing as Christian, so I am going to have to see them side by side to be thoroughly convinced otherwise. Also, Jin said its been three years since they left, but do we know if that is accurate? I know that last year when the new plane crashed some landed in the 70s and the others, we assumed, landed back in real time, but do we know that for sure? When the bomb went off and they left the 70s and ended up back in Sun and Ben's time, can we really be sure it is their present? I am still a little thrown off by the comment last week about Rousseau being dead for 'years.' I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Adam and Eve- they're back. I was very excited to see the caves and see those bodies again, because I feel like that is a great step in things really starting to come full circle. Very perceptive thoughts from Hurley. Are the bodies a couple of them somehow? Most random moment of the night, finding Shannon's inhaler. I think that little tidbit was because they want to ease into remembering the beginnings and the original people because it is going to really start coming back to them.

Oh, also, "You have what it takes" is what Jacob told Hurley to say to Jack to convince him to stay. I am trying to recall the significance of that and feel like I missed or an forgetting something obvious. I like the dynamic between Jack and the Sensai as well. When he said to Jack, "I appreciate your honesty," and then gave a sly smile, I felt like his thoughts just then were, "I think you might finally be the one."

It was very nice this episode that the Losties themselves are actually starting to ask some questions. Along with Hurley philosophizing about the bodies in the cave and the possibilities of time travel, I loved Jack asking why they haven't seen the Lighthouse before. Is it because the island shows you what it wants to, when it wants to? When they got to the top of the lighthouse and Hurley said, 'Dude, this is cool..." took the words right out of my mouth. I had just leaned over to my friend Adam who I was watching with and said, "Lost makes the coolest sets." Sometimes it feels like when I was little and was dying to have the Swiss Family Robinson tree house. Okay, I still want that. Seriously though, I feel like they should keep some of the hatches and sets and do Lost tours in Hawaii the way they rebuilt some of the sets in New Zealand to do Lord of the Rings tours.

Okay, back to the Lighthouse. When I first saw all of the names of the candidates around the spy wheel, my first thought was that it was going to show them a glimpse of their flash-sideways reality. I would want answers too Jack, but why must you be so rash? I know that you admitted yourself that you are a broken man, but don't lose your hope of the island just yet. I loved the conversation with Jacob and Hurley after the mirror smashing. He was really seeming like a father figure- he loves his child and wants what is best for him, but in the process he has to be patient and let him fall and skin his knee a few times to learn. He wants him to know that he is important, and I love how the struggle of Jacob trying to get through to Jack paralleled the flash-sideways situation of Jack finally getting through to his own son. I mean, what is a Lighthouse anyway? Its a beacon and a bearing to guide you safely home. Food for thought, Jack.

Side Note 1: Well, remember how last week with the cave we learned that Kate's name is not attached to one of the ominous Numbers like everyone else, crossed out or not? Well, her name was on the wheel, it was NOT crossed out, but it was a number we haven't seen before- 51. So since she is not crossed out I presume that she is still a potential candidate, but why is her number not grouped with the others? Does that mean something?

Side Note 2: Was what Jacob said to Hurley about needing him to help guide someone to the island just a bluff to get Jack there to see the magic mirror? Did he mean bring someone to the island in a symbolic way, as in, turn Jack's heart and faith to the island? If there really is someone coming, who? My initial hope was Desmond, cause I miss that guy, but then, to go along with the possibility that they really are several more years into the future than we are all presuming... could it possibly be an older Aaron? Probably not, mostly because it has been drilled into our heads that Claire was supposed to raise him and since that didn't happen maybe an un-raised-by-Claire Aaron would be wicked. There have been a lot of suggestions and hints and theories throughout the years of the importance of Aaron and what he might mean for the island, so I am definitely excited to see how that will play out.

There were a few favorite lines of the night, and though I couldn't pick just one, they all came from Hurley:

"...history, Indiana Jones stuff..." "and I just lied to a samurai," "be cool man, act natural..."

Friday, February 19, 2010

Men's Antiperspirant- When did You Become so Sassy?

So I used to kind of think of Old Spice as an old man brand. I don't know, maybe it had something to do with the fact that it has 'old' in the name. But now they have this new series of provocative little ads. Axe, you naughty fiend, I believe you have some competition my friend.

Below is by far my favorite, but go here to view them all.

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Barbie Cam

I was never a doll person. I was a huge tomboy, so sure I had a lot of stuffed animals and sure I liked the Disney characters, but for the most part my toys were things like pirate maps and Indiana Jones whips. I believe I was given a Cabbage Patch doll around the age of six and I promptly cut off its hair. I promise I'm not a sadistic nut job. I had short hair when I was little so I probably just wanted the doll to match me and not be so girly, but I think my Mom told me that the reason I gave her for the offense was because it 'looked like poop.'

But I digress.

Though dolls were never for me, I have never begrudged others their taste in them, and despite my general apathy towards dolls, (that is until I had a niece who loved them), I have always found the Barbie phenomenon fascinating. I remember several years ago when an official statement was made in the news that Barbie and Ken had broken up and she was now seeing some new surfer guy and I am intrigued by the Barbie Through the Years display every time I go to the FAO Schwartz toy store.

The latest Barbie update news has me on the fence. My friend Heidi, who is also entertained by the random and obscure, brought to my attention that this summer they are coming out with a new Barbie that is also a video camera. My initial reaction when Heidi presented me with a link about this information was:

"Wow. I don't know if I'm impressed or appalled. I specially like the line, 'this new toy actually gives aspiring kids a tool to help realize their dreams.' A bit presumptuous to say, but I guess it is pretty cool. I may just have to blog about this."

So here we are. The article that quote was from is overly bubbly and takes the product very seriously as a helpful, teaching toy, and you can read it in its entirety here. Other articles are a little more humorous and in some cases wary of the product, and I must admit I am leaning toward their corner at the moment. Here is an example.

The geek in me is impressed that technology can create such a small camera, but, okay, its already bad enough that anybody can just can go online and learn how to put together a hidden camera, but now we are just going to provide them? In something as supposedly innocent as a child's doll, no less. (Its just like stupid IT where the clown is the villain- blast you Stephen King and the way you can make me cringe!) I mean, you can learn how to make bombs online too, so shall we start selling bombs in Wiffle balls to save people the trouble? I realize that is an extremely dramatic response, and yes, it is technically just a toy after all, but I feel like after the buzz of this cool newness, this toy will in the long run be the catalyst for people who will make future appearances on Americas Most Wanted, not the Oscars. Thoughts? Are all you girlies who grew up Barbie fans, like, super amazing excited about this until I ruined it with my bomb talk? Do the rules for airplanes apply to blogs and I should quit saying BOMB? Discuss.

(I know. I'm a cynic.)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

LOST S6: E4- 'The Substitute'

The man who listens to Reason is LOST: Reason enslaves all whose minds are not strong enough to master her.

-George Bernard Shaw

So I'm trying to remember- in the original timeline Helen and Locke had broken up before he went to Australia, yes? So I guess he is not as bitter in this version, though he has lost faith in miracles. Think the whole redemption for him is just letting go and being happy with what he is? Being content in reality without seeking out miracles? I would submit that what Locke needs to learn is that miracles are far more likely to happen when you aren't trying to force/demand them as he tends to do.

I love successful Hugo, and I love all of the connections with everyone coming together in the Flash Sideways. Guess they were all meant to come together in any scenario. I like the idea of Locke as a teacher. Ben would be a creepy teacher though. Of course, Ben would be a creepy anything. Still the question of the Others (like Ben and like Ethan last week) in this Flash Sideways- are they still connected to the island in this scenario?

Ooh, when Ilana was putting Jacob's ashes in the bag I had a very Raiders of the Lost Ark moment, which is never a bad thing. Still don't know her background and why she knows Jacob and so much about the island. She said that LockNess is stuck in that form (and yet he can still turn into Smokey...) so does that mean that he could actually be killed if Sawyer had pulled that trigger? Since they buried the real Locke, he isn't literally inhabiting his body, so how is he stuck? Also, interesting when he was flustered and fell down and I believe he muttered the words, "don't tell me what I can't do." Now that is a Locke line. Since he has chosen this image to represent, does that mean there are strings attached? When you decide to be someones doppelganger are you stuck with some of there essence in you?

I had been thinking that LockNess was the one appearing as the phantoms of the dead to everybody else, but he seems to be seeing a phantom as well. One that Sawyer can also see, but Pretty Eyes Richard cannot. First impression is that the phantom he was seeing seemed to be some kind of child version of Jacob. Baby Jake told LockNess he needs to remember the rules, which include the fact that he can't kill Sawyer. I don't think that this means that he literally/physically can't, or else he wouldn't need the reminder. With that in mind, it seems an even odder conversation- LockNess, despite all of his talk to convince Sawyer that the island is just an island and despite his murderous ways and intentions that typically conflict with Jacob, he obviously knows full well the power of the island, and respects and even perhaps fears it. Also, I presume this rule about not killing applies to all of those that Jacob touched.

Speaking of which, thanks for some answers, LOST! The numbers are associated with those touched by Jacob and they are all potential candidates. To be the new Jacob. Interesting how their numbers aren't in order. After last seasons finale I was working under the assumption that this isn't the first time Jacob has gathered what we can now refer to as 'potential candidates' to the island. So, I wonder if he had the names in his head years and years ago and wrote them down (or up rather) and numbered them, not knowing at that point what combinations or which generations they would be a part of. Epic. Also, Kate doesn't seem to have a number. Interesting.

That was a crazy with the LockNess Monster as Smokey perspective, flying around and spying on angry Sawyer banging up the house and what not. Don't you torture Pretty Eyes! Though I definitely did not like seeing Richard all beat up, it was even more disconcerting to see hi so afraid when he is usually the zen shaman type. So LockNess is 'recruiting.' So instead of killing Jacob's chosen, since he can't just dispatch them, he has to get them on his side. I guess we will start seeing the two sides forming for the inevitable final showdown. How very observant intoxicated Sawyer is- spotting that Locke wasn't Locke so quickly- guess he's been on this nutty island long enough that things don't surprise him so much anymore. I thought the ladder suspense seemed a tad pointless unless it was just to show the a bond forming between Sawyer and LockNess. (Though didn't we learn something from Speed about relationships that begin under duress...)


Definitely an enticing question, Sawyer, as is the promise of getting off the island, but what is it worth?

Favorite line of the night: "Well I guess I better put some pants on." Nobody can pull of the sarcastic drawl like Sawyer. Mmmm, Sawyer. Don't become the right hand of the devil! The header quote was for Sawyer this week- reason is good as long as you don't ignore faith and emotion and instinct to use it. LockNess is playing him based on reason, but mind and heart need to be used together to make the right decisions. I know his heart is crushed right now but, well, I have faith in him ;) He's always pulled through when it counted before. Maybe he will seem a villain til the end and then play the martyr. I can see it.

For more theories and insight, check out Let's Talk Lost or Lost Redux- two of my favorite recap/discussion threads.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Glee- April Promo!!

Okay, so it's still two months until the ridiculously fabulous Glee returns, but who is already getting excited!?!

Well, me, obviously... anyone else? Well, you should be. Need proof? Here:

Thursday, February 11, 2010

2010 Super Bowl Ads: Personal Favorites

These are in no particular order of favorites. Also, I wasn't going to put any of the beer ads on here cause most of them were pretty funny and it was hard to pick, oh yeah, and cause my Mom reads this blog. But... I couldn't resist the LOST parody:

Bud Light- Stranded

Dodge- Man's Last Stand

Doritos- Kid Slap

Bridgestone- Whale of a Tale

HomeAway- The Griswolds

Snickers- Betty White

Okay, so this next Snickers one I didn't see during the Super Bowl, but I love it too:

Snickers- Aretha Franklin & Liza Minelli

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LOST S6: E3- 'What Kate Does'

Today I begin to understand what love must be, if it exists. When we are parted, we each feel the lack of the other half of ourselves. We are incomplete like a book in two volumes of which the first has been LOST. That is what I imagine love to be: incompleteness in absence.

-Edmond and Jules De Goncourt

Significance of the Title: Now the title of this week's episode, What Kate Does, is an interesting play off of the title of the season 2 episode titled What Kate Did when we first discover that she killed her real dad who she thought at the time was just her abusive step-dad. Is it a reference to the killing or to the running from justice, which she does in both scenarios? Is what she did exactly the same in this parallel reality? With her simply asking Claire if she would believe her if she said she was innocent, it left it vague. We know things were different for others this time around. As far as fate and karma and things like that are concerned, do the actions of the characters in one reality affect what happens to them in the other?

I'm really liking the Kate and Claire dynamic and I love that back in Season 1 it was Kate who helped deliver Aaron and now she helps get Aaron delivered again. Eeeeew, creeper Ethan. Side note, in this reality was he ever an Other since the island is under water? At hearing the name of Aaron I felt like Kate had a couple of moments of almost remembering the way Jack did on the plane in the premiere, which makes me even more sure that there two realities will have to collide at some point.

Reborn Sayid is kinda timid and un-Sayidlike. I miss tough Sayid. This new one is whiny. So he has been... Claimed. When glasses hesitated on the translation I was sure he was going to say posessed. Why is it that the wanted/needed Jack to be the one to administer the poison pill to him? Is there a rule that says they can't? Whoa, island Claire looks Ca. Ra. Zy. I think that if something can get her unClaimed it will be Kate talking to her about Aaron. It wouldn't be the first time in a story that a mother's love is what it takes to undo some kind of wicked spell. Oldest trick in the book ;)

Here are the two possible conclusions that I draw from this: 1- it verifies to me that the visions of Christian on the island have indeed been the LockNess Monster, (formerly known as the Man in Black, aka, Smokey, who I have to admit, I sort of missed this week. He's just so evil and unpredictable its fun to watch!) This conclusion is drawn from the fact that Claire was with him and not with the Others who apparently feel the need to kill Claimed individuals. At this point in time I feel inclined to presume the Temple People are the 'good guys,' which of course, with LOST, is relative, but Dogen (the Asian Other) is growing on me. 2- The Christian who has had Claire is working with Jacob in some way, and he has kept her away from the Temple People so that she isn't killed. Reasons for this? Well, I am beginning to think that there is a hierarchy on the list of people. I think some people are there to get the other people to where they need to be. Jack is obviously high on the importance list, and I think its possible that Kate and Sawyer are as well. If this is true, perhaps Claire is there for Kate's redemption. Raising Aaron then giving him up and coming back to save Claire... maybe that selflessness is what it takes. Did LockNess as Christian Shephard lure Claire off so Kate would take Aaron to insure that he wouldn't be raised by Claire?

Question: Does a person first have to be drowned in the spring to be Claimed? Can it go either way? You are worthy and you come back as yourself or you are unworthy and you come back Claimed?

Okay, so I just have to say, you know the annoying Other guy who was helping Jin and Kate go after Sawyer? Aldo, I think was his name. Well, if you don't know, he is from this goofy comedy series called It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and it was really distracting watching him. Although, what did he stop the other Other from saying about Rousseau? And what did he mean, she's been dead for years. She hasn't been dead THAT long, right? Is that a hint that this island time is a tad in the future?

Island Sawyer- at first it seemed that he was back to the selfish Sawyer from the first couple seasons, but poor, broken-hearted James. Aaah! He had a ring and everything! Some beautiful acting by Mr. Josh Holloway during that dock scene. These poor actors must be so drained after filming all the emotion they have to portray. Also interesting when Sawyer says, 'which time' in reference to Kate coming after him. She runs away from the things in her own life, but she is compassionate and fiercely protective when it comes to going after and helping others- Sawyer, Claire, Aaron...

Interesting Doc Jensen Theory: ''LA X'' ended with Sideways Fugitive Kate jumping into a cab already occupied by Sideways Claire. In the Island World, Claire was en route to L.A. to meet with a couple that wanted to adopt her unborn child. Claire was given her airplane ticket by a psychic who initially warned her not to give up Aaron, then changed his mind. Kate, Claire, and Aaron have some kind of fused fate. Kate played midwife to Claire during Aaron's birth. And as we already said, Kate took care of Aaron during the Oceanic 6 idyll. Also remember that Kate's whole motivation for leaving her Oceanic 6 life behind and returning to the Island was to bring Claire back. Finally, I can't resist this. Claire's favorite lullaby for Aaron was ''Catch a Falling Star.'' Kate also used to sing for Aaron. As it happens, falling stars play a role in one of the oldest myths of reincarnation we have, found in Plato's Republic. In that philosophical work, we are told the story of how when people die, they choose a new life for themselves, then drink from a river that purges their memory of their old life, and then fall back to earth like shooting stars to their new bodies/lives. Does this explain the Sideways world? Is it the next life that the Island castaways will be reincarnated into? For now, that's my theory.

PS, here's a helpful link that discerns the differences in the 815 flight in the original Pilot episode to the version we saw in the Season 5 Premiere last week: Original VS Flash-Sideways Timeline

Kirsten. It's Your Birthday.

Well, Kirsten Lorah (Briggs) Smith, I did say that I would keep birthday posts to immediate family only, but you ARE sort of my BFF and all, so I guess I'm entitled to break the rule and reminisce for a moment on this celebratory day of your birth. How did we not know each other when we were both in Hawaii for the same summer term? How did we not hang out more during and right after our Europe semester abroad? How are we not related?! I think the following images of our joyous times together kinda prove that we should be:

Oh, whoops, that last one is from fifty years in the future, exploring some foreign beach. You get the gyst though, which basically is:

Kirsten + Hayley = Awesome

And so, my dear Kirst, sincerely from me to you . . .

Just have a happy birthday, okay?

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Laugh Away Your Abs

Ummmmm... I can't decide if doing this workout would make me so annoyed that I would end up kicking the instructor in the head or if it would leave me curled up on the ground laughing the pee out of myself. With either scenario... I'm gonna say its probably best for everyone if I just don't ever attempt this workout. Ever.

Jack Nicholson... I Don't Even Know...

I have never been a huge Jack Nicholson fan- I think he comes across as arrogant and a little nutty and gets steadily creepier as he gets older in an innocent-but-awkward-great-uncle-who-kisses-everyone-on-the-mouth sort of way. That being said, I actually do think he is a fantastic actor and has played some amazing roles: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Chinatown, Batman, As Good As it Gets... THAT being said, I felt the need to share this article that I read today. I don't know the last time I read such a catchy opening line to an article:

Jack Nicholson is considering being picked to death by vultures when he dies.

The article itself may seem anticlimactic after that dramatic opening, but I had to read that line like three times to believe what it said, and then proceeded to laugh heartily. Please don't think me disrespectful of cultures or peoples funerary preferences, but... its Jack Nicholson.

Here is the full article.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

LOST S6: E1 & E2- 'LA X'

LOST- adjective: 1. no longer to be found; 2. having gone astray or missed the way; bewildered as to place, direction, etc; 3. not used to good purpose, as opportunities, time, or labor; wasted; 4. being something that someone has failed to win; 5. destroyed or ruined; 6. distracted; distraught; desperate; hopeless

Wow, that was officially nuts. Here we go-

Juliet: I thought this was very interesting. I had fully prepared myself for the fact that we had seen the last of Juliet, as sad as that made me. I knew the actress, Elizabeth Mitchell, was going to briefly appear in the season but I thought it was going to be in a flash or in an off-island scenario. It was an interesting choice to keep her alive just long enough to let her die. Was it for a sense of closure so that she could die in Sawyer's arms instead of alone? Interesting how in those last moments of life she seemed to be out of it for a bit, talking about getting coffee, and then she came back and wanted to tell Sawyer something. Miles says that what she wanted to say was, 'it worked.' For her to know that it worked, it seems that in those last moments, caught between life and death, she was somehow embodying both of her existing psyches at once, and the conversation about coffee is the conversation that she was having in the parallel circumstance. At this point, I just hope that the person that she ends up having that coffee conversation with is Sawyer (oh, and also, that he is NOT trying to swindle her at the time).

The Man in Black: Instead of just calling him the Man in Black, I think we need to call him the Superman in Black- did you SEE how that bullet bounced off him and then he turned into Smokey!! Maybe Super Villain in Black. It certainly does seem at this point that there is no question that he is indeed the bad guy. When Man in Black was talking about wanting to get off the island, it made me think of Greek mythology- Zeus wrangled all of the elder race of Gods, the Titans (who are often presented in monster form), and cast them into an abyss called Tartarus which became sort of a prison for Gods who have committed crimes. Has Man in Black been trapped here all of this time and wants out so that he can be free to wreak destruction and havoc in the world once again?

Hurley: Nice to see you taking some kind of charge, buddy. Loved it when Jacob told you he was killed an hour ago and you were like, 'Dude, that sucks.' Classic Hurley. So the guitar case was filled with a giant wooden ankh (Egyptian sign of life) with a secret letter inside. What did the letter say exactly?

"Dear minions,
Below are the names of the people I have chosen and need to bring me back from the dead:
Thanks, Love Jacob."

Was this situation the whole point of Jacob choosing Hurley as one of his special group? He knew that this was going to happen and needed Hurley, who sees the dead, to be there to get the message to the Temple?

Sayid: Is that the Fountain of Youth in the Temple? Is that why Richard doesn't age? Is that what they are protecting? So 'there will be risks' in healing Sayid- like when they had to heal kid Ben after Sayid shot him and Richard was asking them if they were sure because he wouldn't be the same... he has to die to live again and that changes a person? If Sayid is back in his body now, why the delay? Why didn't he wake up when they expected him to? Was he unworthy? When Jacob touched found him and touched him on the street did that give him some kind of get-out-of-death-because-I-still-need-you free card? Or, in another possible scenario... is it now Jacob in Sayid's body? There was a moment when it seemed the body spoke to Miles- what was that about?

Sun and Jin: Such contrasting scenarios for them. They are finally back in the same time on the island, so when they are able to get to each other I am sure it will be a beautiful and happy event. Back in LA, they are at their original relationship of Jin being domineering and Sun wanting to escape him. Is she going to let him take the fall for his suspicious belongings and continue to play dumb about understanding English?

Old Friends: It was nice to see some familiar faces. Nice story for your sister, Boone, way to cover up the fact that the actress has scheduling conflicts ;) Charlie, interesting wording when you found yourself alive- 'I was supposed to die.' Not, 'I wanted to die,' or something like that. He was very calm about it. What do you know, Charlie? When you were so close to death, as seems to have happened with Juliet, did you get a glimpse of your other self and understand something? Desmond, nice to see you brother, but where did you go? Were you really even there? Only Jack ever saw you for sure, and we know you have the ability to time travel that no one else possesses. Did you just zoom your little self there to make sure your buddy Charlie got saved? Also, its kind of funny to see the flight attendant acting as a full-on Other.

Fate: Is fate somehow still at play in this other version of reality? Did Christian's body get lost so that Jack and Locke would meet? Were things meant to work out so that Kate would end up in a taxi with Claire? It seems that there is a possibility of Sawyer conning Hurley, therefore connecting them, and by the looks of it Jin could meet up with Charlie in jail. Are we seeing that their lives would intertwine in any scenario? There did seem to be moments on the plane when Jack looked like he was almost having deja vu or the memory was so close to him but not close enough. Will they eventually start remembering their other life? Though we haven't seen them (yet?) we can presume that everyone was on that plane, as in Anna Lucia, Libby, Eko, Michael... will we see them again and will their lives all connect even if this other reality? Also, now with any show with fantasy type elements to it, they can really do what they want, but it seems to me that at some points these two realities will have to come together. Book placement has always been prominent in LOST, and does anyone remember how when Jacob was sitting on the park bench waiting for Locke to crash out of the window before touching him, he was reading, Everything That Rises Must Converge. I think these two different lifetimes will have to eventually converge. Interesting are the differences we are seeing with people. In the beginning we saw that the island was submerged, so bombing the almost-hatch in 1977 affected a lot more than just stopping one plane from eventually crashing. Desmond would have never gone the the island. Hugo is lucky. What else will we discover. Was Faraday never born?

PS- I wonder if it will ever come back to the random fact that Kate ended up in a tree or if that was just for our confused amusement. Also, what was with Jack's bleeding neck on the plane? Enough with the wide-eyed, 'its you!' moments- can somebody just give us a name for the Man in Black?!