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LOST: Eggtown

Character is what you have left when you've lost everything you can lose.
-Evan Esar

I don't expect that many if any of you are actually reading all of these, but its fun for me to organise my thoughts, regardless :)

LOST. Whoa, okay, so in hindsight I realised they totally gave away the Aaron thing with all the Kate and Claire time and all the I'm sure I'm not pregnant stuff, but I didn't get it while watching and was more surprised than I was with last weeks Ben twist! I'm so daft! So, about the whole baby thing. I wonder who Kate is telling people the father is since she is saying that he is hers. He's to old to have been conceived on the island, so ... Also, on the island when she was talking to Sawyer, how can she be so, so, so confident that she isn't pregnant? Is there more story there? So they didn't shag, that's sweet. Bold words Sawyer and nice slap Kate - probably wouldn't have been so hard if what he said wasn't so true. So Claire. Does she die? There is reportedly going to be a big shocking death in the next few episodes.... Kate now knows that she is known and still wanted back home, but I have a hard time thinking she would take the baby without either Claire's prompting or else because she thinks Claire is dead. Obviously the situation is awkward because Jack doesn't want to see Aaron, but Kate didn't seem ashamed about it, so I wonder if Claire gets killed by some fault of Jack's and that is why he feels guilty? Maybe Claire is still alive on the island but Jack finally finds out that Aaron is his nephew and feels guilty about that. Overall, a very sad feeling to this show. With the flash forwards they are definitely doing a good job of steering us towards rooting for them to go back to the island.

So Jack says that eight of us survived the crash - so the other two died after the fact? Is Aaron an Oceanic 6? Is Ben pretending to be someone from the plane with no friends and family and is therefore considered an Oceanic 6 as well? I'm still thinking that Michael and Walt fit in there somewhere since I think Michael is Ben's guy on the freighter. So if it was Michael and Walt, that's two, plus Kate, Jack, Sayid and Hurley meaning Aaron and Ben don't count. But then there's Desmond ... Hmmm. Curiouser and curiouser.

What was the deal with Daniel? Is he forgetting things? That was a very odd when he and Charlotte were playing cards. It did seem like in the second episode with the flashback for him he was in some kind of medical care - is he reverting back to his dementia or something? Or, did he used to have some kind of psychic gift but the island is throwing it off? Fine line between genius and madness and all that. Also, with the freighter being unresponsive and then having to use their 'secret number,' do we think the freighter folks are throwing their four to the wolves, so to speak, or are the four in on whatever is going on. They certainly don't seem surprised that they can't get a hold of the ship, but they did seem sincerely surprised when the voice on the other line said they thought the helicopter was with them. They are always giving each other meaningful glances which could mean they are hiding information, or it could just mean that they have been thrown into this situation with people they don't know and aren't sure if they can trust and are looking to each other for support and okays on what to say.

The meeting with Ben and Miles. 3.2 million is very specific. I get that they did that because they want us to be aware that Miles has this amount in mind for something in particular, but on the other hand Miles seems like the greedy type that would ask for more, and also seems clever (and paranoid) enough to not give something away that could be figured out about him. Anyway, I think that's just me being nit picky. Who in the world is Ben? I mean, with the video he was showing Juliette of her sister last season and with his stash of passports and everything we know he has connections, but what does Miles know about him? All we know is that Ben is a self-made man and doesn't seem to owe any of what he has become to his folks/background. Well, unless you count bitterness and being unloved as a child as a motivation for what he is. PS, I very much like zen, I know what I'm doing Locke far better than this fly off the seat of my pants Locke. Do we really believe that Locke's hand were covered in blood from killing a chicken? Cree-py.

PSS, I just love Hurley. I'm totally going to use 'Scooby-Dooed.' Also, I love that he was watching Xanadu!

Now for some interesting thoughts that other, much cleverer people had (yes, cleverer is a word. I checked :)-

"I know the enhanced version tonight mentioned "The Economist" is a British publication, but here's another link: Guess who played an ECONOMIST in a 2002 episode of "Law and Order: Criminal Intent"? That's right: Michael Emerson, our very own Ben! But in the episode Michael Emerson was only POSING as a globe-trotting ECONOMIST for the United Nations; he was in reality living a double life, which included committing murder to cover up his ruse! His name in the episode was Gerry Rankin, and if you transpose the initials (mirror image?) you get "RG," the same initials on Naomi's bracelet.Why then would Ben the Vet be pitting Sayid against the Economist? Maybe that's where the good twin/evil twin theory comes in. (There's more than one way to live a double life!) Or maybe the writers just thought it would be fun to connect Ben to a past Emerson role. In either case, it's quite a coincidence.(For those interested, the name of the LO:CI episode was "Phantom.")" -(Economist was the name of last weeks episode)
" for the book Locke gave to Ben"
"I thought that the psychic that Claire saw back in Season 1 told her that SHE was the one who had to raise Aaron, otherwise bad things would happen. So are bad things destined to occur now that Kate is raising Aaron as her own?"

"Desmond said he saw Claire and Aaron in a helicopter; he never said he saw Claire being rescued...She dies; Kate adopts Aaron."

"Now that we know Aaron is off the island, I wonder if he has any special abilities? That would be an interesting twist."

"Locke is becoming exactly like Ben calling the shots in the little village. Notice how he just walked right in Claire and Kate's house?"

"so, the biggest bomb shell to me this week, was Jack's testimony confirming the theory about the Oceanic 6 lying about what happened on the island. Now we know that they all agreed to make Kate out to be a hero because they all knew she would be facing criminal charges back in the real world. It makes me wonder tho, who did the Six say were the other "two" who survived the crash and then died? i wonder if that has any importance?i guess my biggest question is, where the hell is desmond in this Future world? if the world at large believes the six who survived, did so alone on a desert island, does that mean our good pal Des never made it off the island? that's sad.also, if the Six made up this story that they were the only ones who survived the crash, what could have possibly kept the rest of the people on the island?oh, and, if the world believes their "only six of us survived" story, how did they explain the wreckage they found on the bottom of the bloody ocean!?" - an excellent query

"The guy playing Duncan, Kate's attorney in ep "Eggtown," once played a character named Jack Shepard in the movie "Frequency."That movie contained communicating between time periods. And there are 31 minutes unaccounted for on the island. Interesting."

"Sawyer was reading "The Invention of Morel" from NYRB classics, a fantastic and surreal novella describing a mysterious island... (the edition published in 2003- so I guess Amazon delivers to the island too!...)"

"I'm wondering if a clue to why Jack can't get back to the island via his Golden Pass (despite his many attempts) is tied to the enhanced, pop-up episode which specifically linked Charlotte Lewis to "The Chronicles of Narnia" (and not some other work by C.S. Lewis). In the first Narnia book, the Pevensie children reach Narnia through a magic wardrobe (wait, Ben has one of these, too, where he stores all his suits and passports and foreign currency!). But the wardrobe doesn't work in the second Narnia adventure. The conduit this time is a magic horn, because as Aslan, the Great Lion, says, "Things never happen the same way twice."Perhaps that is a clue to why Jack will never return to the island the same way he first arrived, via a plane crash. (And not to keep sounding the same alarm, but the wardrobe in the Narnia chronicles is also considered an axis mundi, because it represents an intersection of two worlds, one of which has magical properties.)"

"Notice that Sun said "my baby" and Jin said "our baby." She knows it is his. Is she just still weirded out that it possibly could have not been?" Does she not believe Juliette's diagnosis?

"Desmond could still get off the island and just say he was you know, marooned on a small island by himself. Pen could make that happen. Actually, anyone OTHER than people from 815 could come and go as they pleased. . . because no one knows to miss them. That means Juliet, Desmond, and any of the others can be in the future off the island - because they couldn't be counted in the Oceanic 6. Obviously, Ben has gotten away undetected. . . ."

"8 survived crash, but Oceanic 6 - other two Boone and Blondie who died on the island?"

Oh, also, in case you didn't get to the article, which is well worth the read (,,20179125,00.html) we WILL be finding out who is in the casket by the end of the season, and we should not read too much into the bracelet connection between the two women last week- that was just a sentimental thing for Sayid. Oh, and they also confirmed that is was Jack Shepherd's dad Christian that Hurley saw in Jacob's cabin, but was the closeup eye Jacob's? So Christian comes into play yet again...

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