Tuesday, March 31, 2009

LOST: Namaste & He's Our You

Well, on Tuesday night I quick caught up with the last two weeks of episodes that I missed while I was gone on and jotted down some random thoughts:

Namaste: 1- So Horace and Amy's son is Ethan; 2- convenient that the sub of recruits is coming in that day and another batch won't come for six months- more Fate at work?; 3- I really like Frank; 4- Is it just me or does Miles' hair look like it went a lot grayer all of a sudden? 5- I feel like its almost getting hokey how eerie Christian Shephard is and the atmosphere when we see him; 6- Have I mentioned before that I love Sawyer? Way to keep your cool and compare yourself to Churchill when Jack questioned you ;) 7- Ooh, the return of little Ben- can he be stopped from purging the masses? 8- Ummm, Sawyer, what exactly did you mean when you said Daniel was with you? Where is that guy?

He's Our You: 1- Great little actor playing little -you can tell he'll grow up to have the right googly eyes. 2- Aaah, I like getting back to the following-an-individual-cast-member format of episodes. Also, just when I thought I didn't want to hear any more about the Oceanic 6 for a while, I really enjoyed getting some off-island blanks filled in. 3- 'Even a new mom wants you dead' - ha! 4- Kate, so you don't know why everyone else came, but you know why you came. So, you have a real purpose for being here and weren't just along for the ride, so it must have to do with Claire. Did she come and visit you in a dream again? Did she tell you to come and find her? Did her mom approach you? 5- I'm thinking, should have shot him one more time to make sure, Sayid. (Also, I think I need to read this book that little Ben felt inclined to read twice) This episode makes me a little worried for Sayid's ultimate survival on the show. A TEASER has already come out that at least one major character is going to die by the end of the season. I am pretty sure that Penny, who's fate we still don't know, doesn't count as a major character. My guess has been Juliette. I don't want her to die, because I actually really love Juliette and have from her first introduction, but she has such sad eyes, even when she is happy. Very, I'm-carrying-the-weight-of-the-world eyes, and she would make a good martyr. After this episode though, I am leaning towards Sayid. Maybe he has done all that the island needed him to do now.

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