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LOST: Whatever Happened, Happened

There is a point at which everything becomes simple and there is no longer any question of choice, because all you have staked will be lost if you look back. Life's point of no return.
-Dag Hammarskjold

Oh, Kate! Break my heart! You did come back for Claire. You went back for love of Aaron. It kind of irritates me how ominous they played it when Jack found Kate at her house and she was like, 'don't ever ask me about Aaron' and she was acting like she drowned the kid or something. She was just grieving, I suppose, and that why she went and shagged Jack, cause that's what she does when she's upset. She did that with Sawyer before and now with Jack. After Kate initial grief though, I love it when Kate has a purpose and is no nonsense. So heartrending when she looked at Aaron one last time and said, 'bye baby.' Well, maybe you got pregnant when you shacked up with Jack that last night and you'll get a baby of your own and Juliette can delivery it healthily ;) I guess its official that we'll see Claire again.

The Sawyer whisper secret revealed- wasn't exactly a surprise, since it seemed inevitable that it was about Clementine, but still nice to have it officially resolved. Cassidy certainly believed Kate easily- it kind of makes me feel better knowing that she had a friend all of that time. I don't know about her logic though- Sawyer broke Cassidy's heart, but I don't know that he broke Kate's- not on purpose at least. It seems to me that it was always Kate going back and forth, and I think that in the moment he jumped Sawyer really was trying to be selfless. I like that he admits they wouldn't have worked out and I like that she came back for Aaron, not him.

Although, they have both done a lot of growing up in the last three years... ... There is obviously still some pent up chemistry between Jack and Juliette and of course between Kate and Sawyer, but it seems the people they should be with are: Jack saved Ben for Kate and Sawyer saved Ben for Juliette. PS, I like Kate and Juliette as friends- no more fighting over boys!

Jack. Goodbye boyscout. Why can't we have a combo of the old and new you? I like the old take charge you, but I like the zen, believing in fate you. Why do you always have to be the extreme of one or the other Jack? Why can't you be both at once? Find the Jack that Kate does like. The minute Juliette walked into the room with Miles and Hurley I got so excited in anticipation of her telling Jack off. After this episode, what Jack boils down to is a destroyer of innocence. YOU created Ben the monster by not stepping up. Speaking of monsters, is it Smokey that is going to heal Ben? Sure looked like Richard was carrying him into the Temple where Smokey rips off the limbs of Frenchmen.

I didn't quite catch it, but when Richard and the other Others were talking about running it by Charles (Whidmore, of course) they also mentioned Ellie, right? Are they both leaders of the Others at this point? From the tone of Richard's voice it kind of sounds like he is already a little fed up with Charles and possibly grateful for the possibility of a new 'chosen one' in Ben. Also, interesting little dialogue when Richard first appeared and Sawyer was surprised and was like, 'where did you come from,' and Richard was just like 'you asked for my so I came.' Hmmm, more than meets the eye? Is the show just being teasing because Richard is always so mysterious or did he really show up out of nowhere from somewhere odd... like another time?

I have to say, for so much of the show being focused on fate and the islands intentions and 'what happened, happened,' it seems to me that fate/the island is fairly dependent on love. Romantic love, love for a child, love for, or, lack of love from, a parent, love for ones people, and even love for the island itself. When the island is working things out and fixing things its own way as Jack seems to think its doing now, how can it anticipate the human spirit and passionate, emotional intentions? Maybe Fate just sees the bigger picture: something about these people is needed to fix what is broken on the island. Maybe the details really are left up to, well, Fate. ;) Maybe Fate vs Choice is not as black and white as it seems.

A Miles, I missed your sarcasm and I loved you explaining time travel to Hurley. Although, I don't know why you are so stumped over Ben- you don't know that Ben didn't know Sayid killed him. If anything it certainly seems now that it was all meant to go this way to make Ben the Ben he is as an adult. Richard did say that Ben wouldn't remember any of it when it was over, but even if that is true he wouldn't be able to avoid the talk around camp about that Sayid guy who shot him and how he was miraculously healed... possibly making him think he was somebody special, much like Locke. This whole time travel conundrum- So up until now there was nothing that could be changed, but now this is their present, despite them being in the past, and it can affect things. I am thinking at this point, the the finale is going to be absolutely mind blowing- not by changing the way the story is told by adding flash forwards or time travel, but by changing history itself and therefore the entire plot of the show in a way. Whew, I am getting excited just thinking about all of the possibilities.

Other thoughts:

When Jin turned over young Ben after Sayid shot him, Ben said, “Help” – which is exactly what Jacob said to Locke upon their first meeting in the cabin.

This talk of Ben losing his innocence, with the temple being involved, makes me think that there is a matter of good vs. evil on Lost after all. An evil force may be the source of some of the island's powers. However, that means that there is a force of good somewhere to balance it out.
Richard did appear out of nowhere, but it was when they got closer to the temple when it happened. Perhaps becoming one of them and losing your innocence means that you become part of the island/monster/whatever it is. Thus, when we say that Smokey takes form of people, we are half correct, but it is in fact that the people Smokey becomes is part of the overall creature.I suspect there is a certain range around the temple where Smokey can just have people materialize. Like Ecko's brother did. Like Juliet's shrink did. Like Walt did in season 2 for Shannon. Perhaps Walt was taken to the temple.

I know this theory has been thrown around some in the past, but what if...because there are so many dead spirits floating around the island...the idea of Ben changing or the French team changing is because they become embodied, or at least partially embodied with the dead spirits of the island? I know it is real sci-fi-ee, but it would be a good reason why Ben would "never be the same" again.

I love how Ben's life was saved in the future because Jack loved Kate. And saved in the past because Sawyer loves Juliette. Very ironic that Ben, seemingly incapable of loving anyone, is saved by love. And very ironic that he may have grown up to be a sweet boy had Sayid not shot him...

Jack is now channeling Locke:“I came back because I was supposed to.”“Maybe the Island just wants to fix things itself.”So who is Locke now channeling?

Land of the Living - do we now have a name for the island?!? :-} And speaking of the "Land of the Living" thing... if the Island is the Land of the Living, maybe the Temple is the access point to the Land of the Dead. Isn't Cererbus (the supposed name of the smoke monster) the name of the dog that guards the gates of Hades?Does anyone else think that the residual effects of Ben's gunshot may have had something to do with why he developed a spinal tumor later in life that needed to removed by a certain surgeon? I figured the bullet wouldn't be able to be removed, scar tissue would build up, "tumor" forms...

Maybe Jack was supposed to come back to the island so he could witness firsthand why Ben turned out the way he did. Because he wouldn't save his life in 1977, Jack is responsible for Ben going to the "Other" side. Then in 2004, he was able to unknowingly redeem himself by saving Ben's life when he removed the spinal cord tumor. It's all about redemption, and the shifts in time are allowing them to catch glimpses of their pasts and futures. The views into these windows of time will help them find their redemption and salvation. Ben is the temptation of evil, and Locke is their guide to salvation. I think it's all about Sawyer, Jack, and Kate at this point (the three on Ben's list, right?), and they are being given the opportunity to redeem themselves. Kate is being tested with Aaron and Claire, Sawyer with Dharma, and Jack with Ben (or the Devil) himself. All of the other supporting characters on LOST are there to help them on their way, to explain and sometimes be their conscience.

This crazy, twisted thought that just entered my head: What if Young Ben neither lives nor dies in this episode but instead...falls into a coma? What if the rest of season 5 proceeds with the tension of knowing (and worrying) that should Ben die, history-negating paradox may occur? What if in the very last scene of the season, time-traveling Desmond, full of vengeance toward Ben for killing Penelope and Young Charlie, sneaks into Young Ben's hospital room, pulls the plug on Young Ben's life-support machine, and causes time to implode? (I love this, ha!)Sawyer: I thought you said this wouldn't happen!?Faraday: I was wrong!Desmond: See you in another life, bruthas!

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