Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Full 'Deathly Hallows' Trailer!

Okay, so, of course I devoured all of the Harry Potters books and I've seen the movies and very much want to go to the theme park, but I admit that since the book series ended and I have had some frustrations with changes in the last couple of movies and there are so many other things like the Twilight craziness that seem to be taking over the Harry Potter thunder, that I haven't been dying for the new movies. I mean, of course I wanted to see them and have the series concluded, but it was kind of a meh feeling. Until, dun dun duh!... I just watched this full trailer for the new Deathly Hallows movie coming out November 19th and was biting my lip and holding my breath the entire time! Gah! I forgot how great they are and now I want to go back and read them all again! It's like coming home to old friends, like my Amelia's, and those are the best kinds of stories ;)


Scooter and Jessica Plowman said...

Oh my! My heart is racing! I must see it! I also love your "meh" - I can just see your face saying it. =)

SisterPresidentMann said...

So here's the big question: do we go to part one in November, or wait and rent part one the same day we see part 2? I hated the wait between the original Star Wars episodes: I mean, Han Solo was in carbonite for 2 years!!