Monday, June 21, 2010

Sanuk = Love (Well, Actually 'Fun,' But I Love Them)

So I have recently become obsessed with Sanuk footwear. The name is the word for fun in Thai. They have been out for several years and I have heard of them, but they are getting more popular and are starting to be available in more places. I believe the only place that actually carries them around here is REI, but there are only a few options to choose from. What actually led to to investigating them, funnily (and possibly embarrassingly?) enough, is that I was browsing Twitter a few weeks ago and Nina Dobrev, star of the TV show The Vampire Diaries posted a link to the Sanuk website, so I got curious and checked it out. I thought that they were so cute (plus I really only have flip flops and needed a good pair of summer shoes) so I ordered the 'Kitty Hawk' Sidewalk Surfers:

Little did I realize that they are not only visually appealing, but they are ridiculously comfortable as well. The Sidewalk Surfer is a deconstructed shoe upper on a sandal footbed, allowing the foot to bend and flex naturally. With the new construction, the Sidewalk Surfer has been labeled "Not-A-Shoe," creating a new category in footwear. Seriously, soooooo comfortable and breathable and adorable. The perfect summer shoe. 

I loved my pair so much right away, that I jumped on-line and splurged and ordered another pair. I wanted a pair that was a very different pattern from my Kitty Hawk's, so I went with the 'Del Mar' Sidewalk Surfers:

It was kind of a tough call, because I am not normally one for animal print apparel, but I love these 'I'm Game' Surfers as well:

I also love these 'Spring Flings' as well, but I wish they came in some colors besides just black. I could go for a nice, bold red:

Gah! I want them all!

I did, however, also order some Tubeflops. How fun are these!?! They are basically thin leggings built in to your flip flops! Perfect for boating mornings when you've got your swim stuff on but its still chilly out. LOVE:

The Tubeflops are pretty much for the ladies, obviously, but Sanuk has sandals and Sidewalk Surfers for Men, Women and Children too. It's fun in Thai. They are Green. Get a pair. Do it. I'm serious.


SisterPresidentMann said...

Will you be wearing these with the jeans you buy that already have holes in them? (Just kidding)
They do look comfortable - I'd have to get the zebra print, of course...
So - they don't have half sizes: do you just go up to the next size?

Scooter and Jessica Plowman said...

I love! I can totally see you wearing these. Thanks for sharing.