Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Swiss Days = End of Summer

Aaaaah it's Swiss Days this weekend.

Delicious Navajo Tacos and crafty booths to walk through with a cozy, small town feel. My sister Torry and her family lived out there for several years before moving to Texas last January. It won't be as fun without them this year, but I have other family and friends I will be spending the weekend with out there and I'm excited. My sister had started a tradition of getting my niece Eva a nightgown every Swiss Days at a booth called Little Lady Lingerie. Super cheesy. Super adorable. So, it is up to me to accomplish the task this year and pick out a cute one to send to them.

Swiss Days sort of ushers in the Fall for me. Labor Day weekend is the first post-Summer holiday, everyone is back in school and Fall shows start up next week! I do love the Fall (though I hate that it turns into Winter). My favorite Fall snack is cinnamon roasted nuts, which I can usually find as Swiss Days- the cinnamon flavor always gives me too-early pangs for Christmastime though (despite the fact that Christmas this year may actually end up pretty lame for me, but more on that later...) I love the changing leaves and cooled off weather that make accessorizing with cute scarves and jackets comfortable again ;)

The Fall does make me miss school (and being able to afford back-to-school clothes, sigh). I always think about Grad school but there isn't one thing that I am so sure that I want to be or do that it's worth the time and money to get another degree. I envy all of you people who always knew you wanted to be a teacher or a doctor or something. There are lots of things that I am passionate about, but no one thing that I have ever been able to say, 'THIS is what I want to do.' My brother Logan and I used to joke that we wished there was a Renaissance Man Major at College that instead of being one major is was several minors and you could sort of be a jack of all trades. They would probably have to all be semi-similar, like, all within Fine Arts or all within Physical & Mathematical Sciences or something.

Anyways, enough of my schmaltzy blather- everyone have a lovely end of Summer!


Amy said...

Is it bad that I'm thrilled summer is over? And equally thrilled that fall is (almost) here! I love this time of year. I'll have to go find some cinnamon roasted nuts....sounds TASTY.

Dave + Kirst said...

ahh :( I miss summer already! We still need to go to a drive-in. Maybe to something that I actually want to see... too many rated-R's right now. But I'm soooo excited for Swiss Days. I'll write you an email about the details. Love your thoughts on the subject though, you're always so articulate!

p.s. check out my dang blog and write a comment before I feel un-validated!

Haylscat said...

Amy- If they have them I will bring you some.

Kirst- You bum, I am ALWAYS commenting on your blog! I did just this morning but you changed the settings so you have to approve it before it posts!

Morgan, Susan , Steve , Hunter said...

I am so envious of Swiss Days! It's hard to imagine American crafts just now, though - I'm so surrounded by baskets and wooden animals and beads!

Dave + Kirst said...

haha. oh yeah. i totally set that up last night at like 12:30am because some weirdo commented on my blog and then left an email address to check out about a singles-hookup website. so i deleted it and set it to view comment first. i was wondering why no one was commenting! ha.

Haylscat said...

Oh really? Hmmmm, I haven't had any random people post on mine, but if I did I would probably switch it too ;)

Scooter and Jessica Plowman said...

Oh, I wish I was in Utah! I would love to go to Swiss Days with you! I am excited for hot chocolate season though - you know how we LOVE that stuff.