Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Vintage Tees

I ♥ vintage tee shirts. I have like eighteen of them or something and when I see them I always want them. My sister has several as well, and I'm not really sure how it all started. I don't actually own any honest to goodness tee shirts from the 80s, I just love the style. Maybe its partly because I have to be dressed up for work every day that on the weekends I just want to throw on some jeans and a vintage tee. A few of the tees I have are:

Oh, and there are many, many more I want. I even had a vintage style tee shirt made for my beloved LOST. Yep, that big of a dork I am. If you understand the phrase I put on the LOST tee then you are a true fan and I am bursting with pride that we are friends (If you can't tell from the horrible quality cell phone pic, it says- Wanna be my Constant?):

My favorite place to get vintage tees that has the largest selection is, and my favorite brand of vintage tees is Junk Food because they are the perfect fit- they are a little longer than some of the others and are a 50/50 cotton/poly blend that gives the tees the thinness like they really are 20 or 30 years old, aka, vintage. You can also find vintage tees (also referred to as screens) at some clothing shops like:

There are also some other sites that have semi-vintage tees, but not as authentic- they are more funny phrases and more contemporary shows and bands in a vintage-esque style, like:

I'm thinking that one day I will just be a crazy dog lady with a vintage tee for every day of the year. Will you guys still be friends with me if that happens? Maybe I should start a poll for that question. Haha, er, (nervous chuckle), perhaps it's best that I don't.


Amy said...

I want that Wild Things shirt. And the Superman one. And 363 others....can we still be friends?

Haylscat said...

Haha, thanks Amy, and yes please, let's be friends ;)

Skoticus said...

It´s all about the threadless. I love their shirts, and they are so comfortable. Plus, they have some pretty good squirrel ones. (I have all but one of the squirrel ones, and I am saving up for it.)

Scooter and Jessica Plowman said...

I love your tees! Don't ever stop wearing them please. They are as much a part of you as your ipod is. =)

Dave + Kirst said...

Ha - i already have the Superman one (but I got it from my mum-in-law for SMITH).

p.s. love the profile pic, the person who took it must ROCK!