Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mama Rose, You'd be Proud

So Kirsten and I went and watched belly dancing last night. Can't say I had ever seen it live before. Kirst's friend at work takes lessons from Meggy (the lovely lady in the invite above) and she invited Kirst to her first live performance and Kirst invited me. It was in this kind of warehouse that I guess is a dance studio, but it felt more like a club. Below is a line-up of the evenings performances. Click to enlarge:

I took some pictures and video of the affair:

This was a burlesque number- I only took a pic at the beginning because, ummm, by the end of the routine there wasn't much of that outfit left, and my Mother reads this blog ;)

Meggy is the one in the white sash and Kirsten's friend from work is in the blue

This girl was really good- I'm pretty sure she has like, quadruple jointed hips

These two jolly drunk dudes were right in the way the whole time

A flamenco number

This is Omar, the lone male performer of the evening- oh my goodness, can this man shake it!

This girls name is Stephanie, also really good, doing a modern Egyptian style belly dance- I don't know how well you can see it in this clip, but we had the most fun watching her facial expressions. Most of the girls had on a perma-seductive face, but Stephanie kept changing her expression and almost looked like she was mouthing words or something.

All in all, definitely a new and entertaining evening, though we were glad that we didn't have boys with us ;) Oh, and if you don't get my title reference, it's from Gypsy, folks.

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