Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My New Apartment!

Whew! Okay, so, It's been a few weeks of getting everything organized, but we finally have everything (pretty much) situated in my new apartment! In case you didn't know of this development, I had been wanting to move for several months now. I was sick of the commute to work and thought it would be fun to be downtown anyway, and I had just been in the Holladay area for too long. So then in early September I randomly hung out with Anna and Ashlee, two of my best friends from high school who I hadn't seen in years, and discovered that Ashlee's lease was up the end of October and she was wanting to be downtown. Perfect.

We scoured the Avenues and Capitol Hill area for a couple of weeks and were getting pretty frustrated and then we found Park Capitol. Normally these apartments would have been a little too much, but we were able to sign a lease for like, $200 a month less than it usually is because a bunch of people had moved out all at once to buy houses. Its 2-bed, 2-bath, remodeled kitchen, hardwood floors, has a fire place... its not like its ginormous, but its perfect for just the two of us. Also, it is just behind the Conference Center, so its an eight minute walk to work for me. Awesome. We had to make a deal since there was a master bedroom, so Ashlee gets that and I get the covered parking spot (she has to find street parking). I am totally okay with that, 1- because Ash is a musician and has her guitar and keyboard and needs the room and 2- because Ashlee doesn't have front room furniture but I do, so stuff I would have normally tried to cram into my bedroom, like my big beautiful bookshelves, can be out in the sitting area and we aren't fighting over the space for our stuff and 3- ummm, I haven't had covered parking for a while and I'm thrilled about that. Have you BEEN is Salt Lake in the winter?! Anyway, so that's the down low and here's some pics:

Oh, hello, and welcome.

I adore our cozy front room.

Aaaaah, my beautiful coat rack/umbrella stand that I love so and stained to match . . .

. . . My beautiful bookshelves that I love even more. Especially with my beautiful hardcovers filling them up. Beautiful ;)

My cute vintage magazine rack by the couch (a couch that I love and has been in the family for years and years- it is so worn and needs to be recovered) ... and I need to get something to put between the coat rack and the bookshelves. I stuck a couple side tables there just to have a place to stick them, but I would like to find a storage bench or chest to put there and keep quilts in. Right now our extra blankets are just stuffed into the bottom row of the bookshelves.

My beautiful 42' flat screen that I splurged on. It was just time. We still need to find a painting to stick over the fireplace- we debated mounting the TV, but its drywall and I think it would have been more of a hassle than anything since it fits perfect in the counter space. Mmmmmm, fireplace.

Our lovely remodeled kitchen- where I am standing is where we have our humble little kitchen table... with no chairs yet, so you don't get a picture of that.

My bathroom. It is so nice to have our own, and even though mine is smaller I kind of love that I have a shower instead of a shower/bath, cause those get gross and I never take baths anyway. Oh, and I love my new paisley towels.

I just realized I totally should have lined these pictures up since they are right next to each other. Bygones. Anyways, this rack for my hoodies was a bugger to put up since its drywall. This floor mirror was another little gem from KSL Classifieds, but as you can see it is currently dismantled as I am in the process of sanding it to stain it dark like the coat rack.

This dresser in humongous- another great KSL find. I love this thing- since it is one big chink of wood as opposed to a put-it-together piece of furniture, I was especially grateful for brothers with big trucks and big arms the day I got it! It took some seriously ingenious maneuvering to bet the sucker in place. I would love to eventually sand it and stain dark too, but it is such a big piece that I really need a garage space to do it in, so that will have to wait a while.

I didn't take pictures of Ashlee's room, but here's our place! There are definitely some odds and ends to take care of and to still get... kitchen chairs... paintings... a little desk for my room to stick my computer on... possibly a little truck for the end of my bed and the other one to hold blankets in the front room. Sigh, all in good time. There are more pressing things to be putting my funds towards at the moment I'm afraid. All in all though, I am loving the place.


Jana said...

Very nice. Such great taste. And very clean! Now I just need to come visit you guys at your lovely abode :)

Haylscat said...

Yes you do!

Danny & Lindsay said...

Love your cute place, LOVE the dark wood. I used Picasa for the header. Couldn't figure out how to center it, but oh well! You rock Hayley!

Amy said...

Love it! Yay for you! Also, good trade - parking for master bedroom. GOOD call. :)

kimberly said...

Downtown living in such a cutie place! Rockin!!! Love ya!

SisterPresidentMann said...

Outstanding! Can I sleep on the couch when I visit? I remember it as very comfortable... Don't jump too quickly into buying too many pictures: we're downsizing, remember, so we may have something you'd like!
Love it!

dave + kirst said...

So cute! I really am liking it Hayls! I love the dark stained wood stuff. I think I'm leaning towards that more and more instead of black - it's just not so stark and it's more classic. Where'd you get your cute paisley towels? Also when did you get that dresser?? I don't think you mentioned it to me and I love it.

Haylscat said...

The towels are from Target and the dresser is one I found on KSL the week I moved in! I had been looking at furniture stores for one, but all the pieces that were a solid piece of wood as opposed to build-it-yourself types were crazy pricey. This one is huge and I love it! Man, it was a bugger to move though!

Haylscat said...

The towels are from Target and the dresser is one I found on KSL the week I moved in! I had been looking at furniture stores for one, but all the pieces that were a solid piece of wood as opposed to build-it-yourself types were crazy pricey. This one is huge and I love it! Man, it was a bugger to move though!

Greg and Kalie said...

What a cute place. I love the furniture you have. That will be so nice to be closer to work and have something new. I just found out tori is prego! yay!