Wednesday, March 31, 2010

LOST S6: E10- 'The Package'

When a man has LOST all happiness, he's not alive. Call him a breathing corpse.


Paik and Kwon, not married. Yowza. They certainly gave us a tricky interpretation of the truth in the season premiere. But he is still working for her dad, who is a jerk in any reality, and it now appears the entire situation was set up to get rid of Jin for getting romantically involved with Sun. A less than warm welcome back to Mikhail, aka 'Patchy,' (now patchless and fluent in many languages). When Jin was tied up that creeper Keamy said to him, seemingly sincere, "some people just aren't meant to be together." I will be very sad if this is foreshadowing. Sun shot in the crossfire- did their unborn child survive? Gaaaahh! If there had been a little more time, I was half expecting a Flash-Sideways scene at the end where they are at the hospital and Jack saying something like, 'I'm going to do everything I can to help you, but I need you to trust me,' to parallel the conversation he had with sun on the beach. I always liked the Jack and Sun friendship- respectful with no presumptions or expectations, just easy and honest. (Side note, I hate Sun's hair in the Flash-Sideways!!)

Island Sun! Good girl for running from LockeNess even though you really want your Jin back! She has been so bitter that I was worried about her making a stupid decision. So he was chasing her just so he could chat some more? Because he apparently can't take them against their will. Can understand English but can't speak it. Jack said it might be Aphasia, but I think maybe it is the two realities colliding. It happened when she had an unconscious occurrence like when Juliet seemed to slip into her other self before she died.

Drug darted by the Tina, er, the Zoe chick (who is apparently a geophysicist (Widmore likes his specialists- Charlotte, Daniel...). They aren't there to rescue them, they just want Jin to explain to them the Dharma grid maps with pockets of electromagnetism, which makes me think that Widmore may not understand the whole 'Candidates' situation. Also interesting that LockeNess is not all-knowing and they could just swipe Jin out from under him. Also, other than making threats and leaving a spy, he didn't do much. So far he's been kind of on top of the situation, but with losing Pretty Eyes last week and Jin this week, I see that he will have to work for it and the odds may be more even than they have seemed. The Package is Desmond! Good to see you Brutha. Sorry you are all drugged up and apparently there against your will. What is that wily Widmore planning? Will Sun be surprised to see him or was she aware of his coming based on the hints of them working together from their off-island conversation a season ago?

That was a surprisingly sane conversation Clairseau had with LockeNess, up until the part when he pretty much told her she's allowed to murder Kate once she assists to gather the other still viable Candidates to leave the island with him. Even after that though, she didn't make a wicked face like, 'yes, I get to kill Kate,' she made more of a confused, 'do I still even want to kill Kate?' face. (Also, unless he was lying to keep his promise to Claire, Kate is officially NOT a Candidate- and yet... he is basing that on the cave and not the Lighthouse where there was distinctly an un-crossed-out 'Austen.' They wouldn't have showed us that for nothing. When Jack and Hurley got to the Lighthouse they wondered why they hadn't seen it before and said something about you see it when it wants you to (or when Jacob wants you to?) So, does Man in Black not know of it? I'm not convinced Kate is really off the list yet). I do think Claire is Claimed like Sayid, but I think that perhaps her maternal affection and hope for Aaron has kept her from going completely over like him, despite all the time they have been separated. Though it was a Kwon-Centric episode, my quote at the top this week was for Sayid. Even in the Sideways his eyes looked dead. He doesn't feel anything and it will help him get through what's coming. What's coming?! War, apparently. If LockeNess gets off the island we would all just 'simply cease to be." Dun dun duh...

Because the Flash-Sideways scenarios have been sort of closure/happy endings until now, a lot of people have theorized that this reality is how the Losties lives would have gone if Jacob had never touched them and so he therefore must be more wicked than he seemed. I never thought much of that, partly based on the fact that Sayid and Hurley were touched just before the Ajira flight and not before the Oceanic flight, yet their lives were different already, but now I should think that theory is for sure out. Even if Sun and Jin's baby can be saved, they are still in a foreign country with no money, a language barrier, and dead bodies to be explained. This then makes me think that maybe as opposed to the two worlds literally becoming one at some point, the Losties will maybe have to/get to make a choice of which they want. Despite all they have been through, I think Sun and Jin would choose the island timeline.

I think the key to all if it is Hope. Hope is tied to faith and love and all of these other themes, but with the scenario of the island being a corked bottle to avoid evil pouring into the world, it reminds me of the story of Pandora's Box where Hope is the greatest weapon to defeat the evil, or, despair in the world. As with the story of Pandora, Hope has the potential to be just as dangerous on its own as any of the worlds evils, but all together, Hope balances the other evils out. The individuals that Jacob has chosen are survivors- after all they have been through they are still fighting, not only for themselves but for each other, their children and the future. You can't be a survivor without a large capacity for, and ability to, Hope.


George Parker Mann said...

Just before letting Keamey in, Sun looked at a mirror in the hall and had a very intriguing beat. Was she realizing that something was different about this reality, thinking's about the pregnancy situation, or something else? Even though Kate's probably still in the running, I wonder what happened that would have taken her off the list, since she didn't die like most of the names. Also, funniest line for me this week: "Hey...don't talk about bacon."

Haylscat said...

Thank you for bringing up the mirror, because I meant to talk about that! If you have noticed, there hase been a moment of looking into a mirror in each of the flash-sideways sequences we have seen. Perhaps as some sort of reflection related to the Lighthouse? We are always getting Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass types of parallels in the show. The question has been though, which Kwon is the Kwon that is the Candidate? Is it both of them together? Is it their child? Does it mean something that is was Sun and not Jin who has the mirror moment?