Tuesday, March 2, 2010

♪ I've Got a Golden Ticket... ♪

Well, not at this exact moment I don't, but I could. The Wonka brand candy bar company is holding it's own Golden Ticket contest. I can't say the prizes look nearly as enticing as getting a tour of a secret facility by a hermit eccentric and then potentially inheriting the whole business, but I guess it's still a pretty fun idea. I am not really a big candy person myself, much to the mystification of my friends with vivacious sweet tooths (sweet teeth?), but this new development makes me want to go and buy a candy bar, just to say I participated in the contest. Like my Mom always says about buying lottery tickets, 'if you are meant to win it will only take one." Oh, sorry Mom, if I just outed you for letting Dad by the occasional lottery ticket, but it was a perfect analogy. Of course, I suppose I could have just said, "as we learned from Charlie in the beloved Roald Dahl novel, it only takes one." Oh well. Now I have double analogy power. Happy chocolate buying. Let's try not to be Augustus Gloops now.

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