Monday, March 8, 2010

LXD @ The Oscars!

So Adam Shankman, one of the judges of my beloved So You Think You Can Dance, was one of the producers the the Academy Awards that aired last night. for the presentation of the Best Score category in which they always play a clip of each nominee, this year they had a dance medley to go along with the music. The dancers included several SYTYCD alum, (Kathryn and Jakob from last season, Kayla from the season before... also Harry Shum (who plays 'Other Asian' on Glee and has been a longtime member of LXD) was involved in the choreography) It felt a little off to be a part of the swanky, black-tie Oscars, but it was an enjoyable performance to watch, none-the-less. I especially like the choreography for Up. ('LXD' stands for, League of Extraordinary Dancers ;)

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