Friday, August 21, 2009

Summer Cruisin' Music

The summer is drawing to a close, but here is some of the music that got me through it- as it has in summers past and will for summers to come:

The Eagles:
This is another group that I remember growing up listening to. My Dad's theme song forever was Desperado. My parents got married seven days before my Dad turned 31, which was a lot older then it is now for a Mormon boy. (Or girl for that matter, ahem.) One of my favorite things is the look on my Dad's face when he is really feeling it listening to Desperado. It's my ring tone for him ;)

I am fairly OCD about the organization of my media, as anyone who knows me thoroughly can attest, and my iPod is meticulously labelled and organized into folders so that I can scroll through as conveniently as possible. Occasionally I will feel like listening to a specific person or group, but usually I am just in the mood for a particular genre (rock, jazz, opera...) This is where the perfection of The Eagles lies for me. They are a fusion of rock, country & folksy with a pinch of Latin, and since they are not really contemporary for me, I can also lump them into my vintage/oldies category. So, if I don't really know what I feel like, and just need some familiar cruising music, The Eagles are my fallback. They don't fail to make me smile. When I get into a boat and hook in my iPod to the radio, The Eagles are the group I automatically put on first. If you just need to drive and unwind, there is no better option than the live, long-guitar-solo-intro acoustic version of Hotel California:

Some of my other favorite summertime music:

Steve Miller Band:

The Joker

Jungle Love

Credence Clearwater Revival:

Bad Moon Rising

Fortunate Son


Killer Queen

Bicycle Race

Van Morrison:

Brown Eyed Girl

And, of course, my beloved Journey:

Any Way You Want It

Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'

When I am going to California or to the ocean, the only possible option is The Beach Boys, but, alas, I have not had the right excuse for them this summer:

Wouldn't It Be Nice

California Girls

Sigh. Goodbye soon Summer! It's been a good one. I hope I get to listen to The Beach Boys next year. (Or sooner. You never know).

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