Friday, August 7, 2009


Well, the results are in, and this is how I feel about it:

YAY, congratulations Jeanine!

Kayla was great but didn't have as much charisma, Evan, the sweetheart, just wouldn't have deserved it, and Brandon I just never totally warmed up to. This year I was sadly just mostly indifferent about the guys, unlike last year with the wonderful Joshua and Twitch or the year before with the amazing Danny and Neil. I am pleased. Also, as ridiculous and as I felt at the time, now that my girl Jeanine won, I feel justified in giving in and calling like twenty times for her ;) It's gratifying to have the person I wanted to win the most and have loved since the beginning actually win. It is so embarrassing how nervous I was watching and waiting! I was watching at my friend Kirsten's house on their beautiful flat screen with their wonderful DVR that allowed us to skip commercials and some of the shows wasting time nonsense. Also, Kirst seemed to have quite a laugh taking those pictures of me after. I'm not really sure why... (Elisabeth, I'm sure you can appreciate them, my leaping friend :)

They spent most of the show with encore performances of the judges favorite routines from the season- all of my favorites of those I have already posted. It was fun to see everyone back and to see the dances on a new stage and from new angles, but as my friend Jess would say, oh my hannah! - they do drag it out!

Since they are switching the time slot for the show to the fall, it will be fun because the new season is starting in just five weeks (on Wednesday, September 9th, just before the Glee premiere, double yay!) I guess that is sort of a rip off for Jeanine because she will only get to be America's Favorite Dancer for like four months instead of a year. Also, torn feelings about the change because I will miss it in the summer- I dabble in The Bachelorette a bit, but SYTYCD is the only summertime show I really consistently watch. I guess I could try getting a life next summer with the 3-4 extra hours of free time I will now have each week ;) Well, I'll be back with more SYTYCD posts with Season 6 in a couple months!


Scooter and Jessica Plowman said...

Yay! Thanks for the shout out!

Dave and Kirst said...

thanks for the shout out to me too ;D I am an amazing photographer if i do say so myself. but YOU were a fantastic model - full of charisma (not like Kayla) ;D

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

totally, Totally, TOTALLY loved the pictures!! That's exactly how I felt too :) I couldn't eat anything that night.. I was so nervous. And I would have jumped too, if it weren't for those pesky downstairs neighbors of mine.. Thanks for reacting the way I wanted to!

Jasmyn said...

Great pictures, Hayley! (And Kirst - what a photographer!)

You girls are so cute--I feel like I can't be so spontaneous anymore with a 2-week old attached to my hip. (And I'm not complaining) But if you ever want to come over and meet her, please do.

We would love it! :)