Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I didn't start blogging Season 5 of SYTYCD until it was the Top 8 because there were just too many names and too many dances, but now that it is finale week, here is a refresher of my favorite dances that I haven't already posted- from the Top 20 down to the Top 10:

Ashley & Kupono- Jazz
(I am not usually a huge fan of numbers that are too off-the-wall or have too much face makeup because I find it distracting and think it takes away from the movement, but I was totally captivated by this crash test dummy routine. Choreographed by the brilliantly eccentric Wade Robson)

Janette & Brandon- Argentine Tango

Janette & Brandon- Disco

Janette & Brandon- Jazz

(Another playful Wade Robson piece- they are bandits and I love some of the 60s-esque movements)

Jeanine & Jason- Contemporary

(I love this- choreographed by Travis Wall, the 1st runner up from season 2. The premise is two friends who, at first fearfully, take that next step to becoming more)

Jeanine & Philip- Hip Hop I

(I love this routine as well. It was in Top 20 week and this was when Jeanine first became my favorite girl. I was always indifferent about hip hop until last year when choreographers Tabitha & Napoleon joined the show. They always tell great stories with their dances. The theme of this one is: never go to bed angry)

Jeanine & Philip- Hip Hop II

(Another Tab/Nap routine, theme: ball and chain- you may grumble, but do you really want out?)

Kayla & Maxim- Samba

Kayla & Kupono- Contemporary I

Kayla & Kupono- Contemporary II

(If I had to pick one single favorite routine of the season this one would probably be it. Choreographed by the genius that is Mia Michaels and so well danced and acted, the theme is that he is an addiction that won't let her go)

Melissa & Ade- Contemporary

Melissa & Ade- Rumba

Melissa & Ade- Pas de Deux

(Melissa is the first ballet-style-only contestant they have ever had on the show, and this is the only full-on ballet routine they have ever done)

Randi & Evan- Jazz

(I really enjoyed this piece in the Top 20 week and it made me love Evan right off the bat. I'm still not so sure that he should be in the Top 4 though)

Randi & Evan- Contemporary

Randi & Evan- Hip Hop

Good luck this week to Brandon, Jeanine, Evan & Kayla! (But mostly Jeanine ;)

*To view videos from the Top 8 and Top 6 weeks, click on the SYTYCD label at the bottom of this post. *

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