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LOST in a Flash: Top 10 from 'Lighthouse'

Whitney Matheson who writes the Pop Candy column on the USA Today has a LOST discussion thread after each new episode and each Friday she posts the ten most intriguing comments. I seriously cannot believe some of the little Easter Eggs people catch. Here are the ones for the 2/23/10 episode, Lighthouse. (Click the title to link to the article.)

1. Sister Carrie: "One thing that will kill you around here is infection," says Claire, the woman with The Infection.

Christian's study has a supply of MacCutcheon Scotch, the favorite of Widmore, Anthony Cooper, and Sawyer!

The Chopin piece on David's desk (Fantaisie-Impromptu in C-Sharp Minor) was the very same piece Daniel was playing as a boy!

David Shephard – really? David the Shepherd Boy who becomes King? (That's even more obvious than Christian Shephard!)

More bunny imagery and "Alice in Wonderland" references (Jack reads to Aaron, Jack reads to David). I'm pretty sure there was a key hidden in a rabbit in a Miles' flashback, too.

All their lives are bleeding into each other, like some sort of collective unconscious!

2. kbx3: Love that the sign Jack read in the conservatory when going to see David play said "Welcome Candidates."

3. justbatey: David's phone number is 734-235-6787

This is the area code for Ann Arbor, MI where Daniel Faraday was sent to work for the Dharma Initiative....

Piano playing seems even more important....

4. mjkoos: Few quick observations at the lighthouse....

When Jack was looking in the mirrors while Hurley was turning it...the first thing he saw was Japanese temples in the mirror (which were the same ones where Sun and Jin were married which is really the Valley of the Temples in Kailua, HI used a lot for wedding photos...)....and the second thing he saw was something that looked like a church steeple but was really the Oxford building that Faraday taught at. (of course, not really Oxford but what the show says Oxford...)

Also...curious that Jack noticed his appendix scar but didn't remember it in the 2004 reality. He had his appendix taken out by Juliet in Season 3(?) or 4 (?). This is the second time he had sort of recognized a physical issue on his body. In this season's premiere when he was in the airplane bathroom, he noticed a shaving nick on his neck but didn't know how it got there.

5. baconpie: I thought we were gonna see who David's mom was. Because the key was under a rabbit statue my guess is: Juliette!

6. messenger123: I think that Libby is David's mother. Why? Libby was a featured character is the Hurley-centric episode titled, "David", in the second season. And ... although we know very little about Libby's character, we know that she attended medical school before changing her career to a psychologist.

7. 6foota: #23 is CHRISTIAN Shephard, not Jack. When Jack went to his mother's home, they made a point to show the address that had '23' and another number that wasn't visible and also when the Looking Glass compass landed on ''23' it was Christian's home...not Jack's (officially). I believe Jack is 108 but never made it to that number b/c he saw his father's number.

8. hloring: Did anyone else think that when Jack went to go pick up David at the school that it might be the same school where Ben teaches and John substitute teaches?

9. lola121: Psalm 108 - Song of David

10. calnot: Interesting how Jacob was dipping his hand in the pool-o'-resurrection-for-Sayid... wonder what was going on in his mind?

Dogen tells Jack that David is special. Just like Michael was told that Walt was special.

And I don't want to believe this theory, but it won't disappear:

mreo99: Sawyer is dead! He killed himself in the house that he shared with Juliet. (Note the gun directly behind his head when Flocke first sees him and that fact that Sawyer's father also killed himself over love lost.) Flocke can only recruit dead people such as Claire while Jacob can only recruit the living. Ultimately Sawyer will kill Flocke just as Ben killed Jacob. He will heroically do so in order to save Jack (the new Jacob) and possibly Kate from Flocke.

A correction about an earlier ep:

Marvin Candle: Interesting note: On this week's podcast the producers said that the date on Claire's sonogram was a production error. It should have said September, not October. Sideways Flight 815 landed in September 2004 just like the original.

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