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LOST in a Flash: Top 10 from 'Everybody Loves Hugo'

Whitney Matheson who writes the Pop Candy column on the USA Today has a LOST discussion thread after each new episode and each Friday she posts the ten most intriguing comments. I seriously cannot believe some of the little Easter Eggs people catch. Here are the ones for the 4/13/10 episode, Everybody Loves Hugo. (Click the title to link to the article.) Also, I would like it to be acknowledged that I already mentioned a couple of these in my own posts ;)

1. layfieldster: "Why arent you afraid?"
The line that Locke spoke to Desmond before he pushed him down the well. This wasn't just a question but it appears that it was a concern of MIB. And looking back it does seem that everyone he motivates and influences is guided by fear. MIBs main weapon is prying on people's fear in order to get them to do what he wants. Thus, it appears that MIB relies on fear and Jacob always relies on choice. This is the significant difference that separates the battle lines.

2. Sister Carrie: Not to sound like a broken record, but Michael again brought up the idea tonight of being "stuck" on the Island "because of what I did." He confirmed that The Whispers were others who were also stuck, unable to move on.
Maybe this was another example of the creators introducing a theory to dismiss it, but when reviewing Libby's backstory I came upon her encounter with Eko and Charlotte Malkin in the airport. Charlotte tells Eko that she saw Eko's brother Yemi when she was DEAD and "BETWEEN PLACES."
So again we have this idea of the Island as an "in-between place," somewhere people are "stuck." This could be another reference to the Island as "underworld," "abode of the dead," "Sheol." All are in-between places where people await final judgment. BUT Michael seems to intimate tonight that there is the possibility for REDEMPTION even for those in this holding cell. He tells Hurley that if he ever sees Libby again to tell her he's "very sorry."
So perhaps there is a way to be "unstuck" and that is through REDEMPTION or FORGIVENESS. I so wanted Hurley to say, after the big kiss with Libby on the beach: "Michael says he's sorry." And then Michael would be free!

3. EileenBurmeister: On a more serious note, I couldn't remember where I had heard Spanish Johnny, the restaurant Hurley was to meet Rosalita at. "Spanish Johnny" is from Bruce Springsteen's "Incident on 57th Street." Spanish Johnny is described as "dressed just like dynamite." He meets "Puerto Rican Jane" who wants to take him "to the other part of town where paradise ain't so crowded." The new couple find their "soul flame" while "out on the street tonight." The song that comes after this one on the album? "Rosalita." I'm just saying...

4. Superdudex: Maybe at this point Desmond knows more than we've seen him remember. He is not trying to create near death experiences for the other passengers, but he is trying to recreate significant moments that will trigger their recollection.
Desmond's moment of recollection came not when he came in contact with his constant, but when he lived a nearly identical moment to his other self (Charlie's hand underwater).
Charlie's must have been as he was dying by lack of oxygen.
Faraday's when he saw Charlotte.
And now he is trying recreate moments for others:
Hugo's is when he kisses Libby (happened in season 2, and Desmond makes no attempt to create near death, just watches and makes sure it happens)
And at the end of the ep we saw Locke's recollection, as he was lying on his back after an accident, just like when he was pushed out the window.
How Desmond knows how to trigger their recollections i don't know. But it seems more recollection knowledge comes with more similar experiences (Desmonds other flashes when he was in the electromagnetic machine, when he shook hands with Penny, and Libby's on being in the institution and sitting on the beach with Hugo). Maybe he's made a significant recovery of other-life memories by meeting with Penny for coffee and following around other Oceanic people.

Exurban Mom (0 friends, send message) wrote: 5h 18m ago
I think, in lieu of a mirror moment, we get Hurley looking at himself on a poster for Mr. Chicken. It's very close to a mirror moment, anyway, and the camera does pause and look at the poster for a second before Hurley is seen entering the Mr. Chicken franchise for his family bucket.
Why couldn't the "mirror" moment be at the beginning with the film showing him from a baby through his life's work? It was a way for Hurley to reflect on his life and where he's at now like everyone else did with their instant mirror reflections.

6. dd42: When Richard said to ask Jacob was the Island was, I think he was referring to the 'cork' for the wine bottle, not something we haven't heard before. It was something that Jacob told Richard a long time ago.
Also, it seems like only people that originally died on the island (charlie, libby, faraday) have knowledge that the sideways world is not the "right" world. Except for Desmond because the rules don't apply to him. But only after they touch those who are still alive in the island world, do they realize this to be true as well in the sideways timeline.

7. Bubble of Sanity: The dynamite from Black Rock is all gone now; the atomic bomb has been detonated. I've got to find some explosives somewhere, because if they kill Desmond, I will blow up this show and look for an alternate timeline...
The "previews" of next week were the most revealing I've seen on "Lost" in quite some time. It appears that both Desmond and Locke survived their "encounters" with each other. Now, we will have to see what becomes of that. I'm with those who say that Desmond was sending Locke to a meeting with Jack. Not only will they both connect with the island, Jack will fix Locke's back.
As I noted in another post, in Genesis, Joseph the son of Jacob is thrown into a well. I have since noticed that there are references to Jacob's well, even in the New Testament. Is it possible that Desmond will be a "son" of Jacob, rescued from the well, and used to deliver everyone else, as happened in the biblical story?
To those of you who have already read what I said earlier, I'm just connecting a little more.
Oh, and to the one who mentioned compiling a list of the ten funniest moments, I'm grotesque enough that I nominate the following:
#1 - Arzt and the dynamite, with Hurley's follow-up comment. I remember that when it went off, everyone was shocked, but maybe a little relieved that Arzt had finally shut up...hilarious.
#2 - Juliet's husband and the bus. I did not think it was funny when it happened to Nadia, but Juliet's spouse was abusive and controlling, up to his comical last moment.
#3 - Ilana and the dynamite. If it's funny once, why isn't it funny twice? Maybe not...

8. CA Steeler: Desmond will do anything to make sure everyone meets up with their constant...even if it takes running over John Locke so he can see his constant, Jack Shepard.

9. eyolar: Okay, when Locke is on the ground after getting run over, I totally flashed on wow, that reminds me of when Locke is on the ground after the plane crashed originally. Also, it totally reminded me of his panicked, painful breathing after getting thrown out of the window. Now, bear with me, but that is when Jacob showed up and touched Locke, to comfort him as he lay there, very much in the same way that Ben was comforting Locke as he was laying on the ground after Des ran him over. Hmm, that makes 3 near-death experiences for Locke now doesn't it? That's got to be significant in some way.

10. Kathryn -- DC: At the very beginning of the episode, when Hurley is talking with his mother outside of the hotel, I think he made a reference to "The Human Fund." That is a fictional foundation from Seinfeld.

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