Wednesday, April 14, 2010

LOST S6: E12- 'Everybody Loves Hugo'

I couldn't tell fact from fiction,
Or if the dream was true
My only sure prediction
In this world was you.
I'd touch your features inchly.
Beard love and dared the cost,
The sented spiel reeled me unreal
And I found my senses

-Maya Angelou

Wow, so, Ilana got blown right up there. Just wanted to get that out of the way. Provocative musings by Ben, wondering what the island would do when it was done with all of them.

Hurley & Libby: Aaaah, so once again its a loooove connection that brings it all back. Libby and Hurley are then new Demi and Ashton. Nice how their conversation paralleled their island conversation on the cliff just before she was killed. I chuckled a little after she kissed him and he was like, "I think I'm remembering stuff." I was waiting for him to say, "Maybe if you kiss me some more..." Yeah, yeah, nice line buddy ;) (Also, this knocks Libby out of the runnings for potential Mother of Jack's son, so I'm thinking its Juliet).

Hurley & the Spirits: So the whispers are officially souls that are stuck on the island and can't move on. Is it like poltergeists or like purgatory? I should probably stop speculating into too much detail because I am guessing we won't get this answer, and the details probably don't really matter to the plot, but I can't help wondering what is the criteria for a soul getting trapped? Because they didn't get closure about something in life? Because they can't forgive themselves for their actions? Because someone alive is still holding on to them? Again, its probably unimportant and I can't be nit-picky, but it did leave me curious. Interesting to have Michael, the murderer of Libby, playing Hurley's Spirit Guide this week. Nice of him to apologize, I suppose. I do really think it IS Michael, too. Smokey used to be able morph into different people, but Ilana said early in the season that he had made his choice and I really do believe that at this point, other than still being able to be Smokey, he is stuck as Locke. Therefore, I do believe that every time Hurley speaks with a spirit it really is that person. Does that mean he should always listen to them though? Not necessarily. I mean, now all of the original Oceanic 815 people (who are still alive) are with LockeNess. (Except for Jin, of course- can't poor Sun and Jin catch a break?!)

Theories I Am Clinging To: 1- Jack seeming like the obvious choice for Candidate. I have talked about this before, but it came into play again this week with his conversation with Hurley. Jack is learning that he can't be in control all of the time and learning to let others lead sometimes: "this is me trusting you." 2- Last week with Charlie I talked about how it seemed that perhaps those who were no longer living in the island timeline were closer to their memories. I think that held this week with Libby.

The LockeNess Monster: He told Kate, "You were only able to get on this island because you did it together; if we're going to get off it has to happen the same way." I wonder how true that statement is, and if true, what all 'the same way' entails. The return of the phantom child who keeps haunting/taunting LockeNess. It still seems the most likely that it is somehow a young Jacob, but we await an explanation. He seems to really freak ol' Smokey out (he way Sayid keeps freaking me out with his dead, shark eyes). Another thing that seems to freak him out is Desmond's lack of fear. "What is the point of being afraid?" If Smokey IS a stereotypical mythological villain, then fear is probably his greatest weapon because he can control people that way. You can't manipulate someone who has no fear at all. Unless you create something to make them afraid, I suppose. I didn't even flinch when he toppled Desmond into the well. It was all too obviously coming, and I refuse to believe that Desmond is going out that way, so I'm not bothered by it. Ilana was one thing, because we didn't really know her, but Desmond is too important.

The Conversation at the Well: So the well is really old, and its not the only one, and it was dug by people who wanted to find answers (about the island, the meaning of life, the universe...?) According to Smokey, Widmore is not one of these people and only wants power, not answers. From what we know of Widmore's past and the way he has acted thus far on the island (collecting Jin for his knowledge of the Dharma maps and being, for all we can tell, ignorant of the Candidates situation), I think this is probably true. Does it have to be one way or the other though? If he craves power, can't he also crave answers? He DOES seem to know that Smokey is evil and not to be released from the island. I don't trust him any more than I trust Smokey though.

Flash-Sideways Desmond: I enjoy seeing him play the sweet little guardian angel, pushing people in the right direction. He is so confident and I wish I knew what he knows. I'm torn about his reasons for hit-and-running John: 1- He knows that the way to connect John with his island memories is to get him to Jack and give him a walking miracle, 2- he truly did want to kill him in the hopes or knowledge that it would weaken him as the host/vessel of Smokey.

Favorite Hurley Lines: 'Give me a bucket. Family size' ... 'He's one of the people who come back and yell at me after they die' ... 'Clearly she's good enough for like, a fajita field trip.' Also, him teasing Libby about this 'bizarro universe' she is remembering- gotta love it when the characters call it like it is. I can appreciate writers who can make light of themselves.

Anyone notice how in the preview for next week they were playing the eerie, crazy song from tunnel scene in the 1971 Willy Wonka movie? Creepers.

Also, check out this sweet promo I found, haha!

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Adam said...

Yeah. That Gene Wilder/Willy Wonka song is freaky. Also, did you catch the Seinfeld reference?! It was awesome. In the flash-sideways Hurley needed to do an event at the "Human Fund." Brilliant.

"The Human Fund: Money for people."