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LOST S6: E13- The Last Recruit

The doctors take the bodily evidence as the disease. . . . disease is itself an impudent opinion. He throws off the feelings of the sick and imparts to them his own which are perfect health, and his explanation destroys their feelings or disease. . . . He is like a captain who knows his business and feels confident in a storm, and his confidence sustains the crew and ship when both would be LOST if the captain should give way to his fears.
-Phineas Parkhurst Quimby

Wow, so everyone is finally starting to come together in the Flash-Sideways world and also in the Island world, sort of. Also, we got the clarification that it HAS been Smokey/The LockeNess Monster showing up as Christian Shephard, and probably everyone else's loved ones, and messing with everyone all this time. So the only dead spirits I trust are the ones that Hurley sees and Miles hears.

Sayid: Is there still hope for you?! It seems to me that if we didn't see it then it didn't happen, and therefore Sayid did NOT kill Desmond. Loved that conversation at the well. Unlike LockeNess who plays on peoples fears and insecurities and selfishness, Desmond is acting like Jacob and helping Sayid to make an honest and logical choice. The man surely knows how to play the love card. "What will you say when she asks you what you did to be with her again?" Poignant. Even if Sayid is turning a new leaf, I still, sadly, think he won't make it through the end of the season. Maybe he can at least die as a martyr though.

Sun & Jin: Yay! They are finally together on the island! Its been like two seasons that they have been apart! She even got her English back when she saw him. Sigh, gotta love a good Constant. Also yay, in the Sideways their baby is a-okay! Interesting that Sun recognized and was afraid of Locke when she saw him in the hospital. I bet she doesn't even really understand why, and it all ties into the theory that those dead or close too it or badly injured have a closer connection to their parallel selves. when Island Sun was knocked out and made a connection to Sideways Sun and lost her English, Sideways Sun mist have also felt something and had some kind of vision or memory of Locke (Well, Smokey as Locke).

Sawyer: Oh buddy, bitter much? I think Jack is right and he knows that there is still something you need to do on the island, but I can understand him not feeling like he owes the island anything when it has sent him through the ringer- its one thing for Jack who decided to come back, but Sawyer has never even gotten to leave at all since he jumped out of the helicopter for them, got tossed into the 70s and then loved and lost Juliet. He'll come through in the end though. He always does. In the sideways, I liked his comment to Kate about someone trying to bring them together- Oh James, always so surprisingly insightful. I do love always love the sassy back-and-forthing between Kate and Sawyer, and we will probably see a little somethin' somethin' between them in the next couple episodes, but I am still holding out that we will see Juliet before the end, that she will be Jack's baby mama and that she and Sawyer will meet and it will be instant connection.

Claire: Still don't know what to think about her. I think she was sincerely hurt and felt abandoned by everyone and she was definitely shooting laser darts of death out of her eyes as she watched everyone leaving her again. Yet I also think she was sincerely touched by Kate's little speech. I always love the Kate and Claire scenes. I like Kate in the sort of big sister role. When Claire decided to go with them though, I definitely got bug eyes and chills when she said, 'If he finds out we're gone... he's gonna be mad.' In the Sideways, I admit that if I were Claire I would have been a little creeped by Desmond's insistence. Awfully convenient that Ilana (now with an American accent) and her law firm were in the same building and even the same floor and the adoption agency that Claire was headed to. There's kismet for you. Sorry Jack was a tad abrupt with you Claire, sweetie. He's just in a bit of shock. Ummmm, her preggo belly looked super phony.

Jack: "Doesn't feel right leaving the island... last time it felt like a part of me was missing... we're supposed to do something... maybe he's afraid of what we do if we stay..." Sawyer: "Get off my boat." Jack: "I'm sorry if I got Juliet killed." Hmmmm. Well, it is still holding that Jack seems the likeliest Candidate, but again, maybe its to throw us off and surprise us in the end. Then the Widmore bombing. I guess those electromagnetic maps that Jin helped them out with are doing the trick. Good thing it was only extras (who are dressed like they are ready to follow Moses through the Red Sea) that got killed. What body part was it that fell next to Jack's head? Gross. (But it still made me chuckle. I'm so morbid). LockeNess may have hauled you away Jack, because he needs you, but don't you trust him! What exactly did it mean when Claire said that he was with LockeNess? 'You decided the moment you let him talk to you, just like the rest of us.' Jack, make sure Sayid's allegiance is with you, and get Desmond (Is Des out of the well now and stalking LockeNess?) In the Sideways, it was almost too sappy with Jack and his son, which reminded me of a couple of weeks ago with the Desmond episode and how things are supposed to feel perfect here and that it might all be a facade or a Matrix. Except that now, the people from their real lives are crashing into them and its coming back. Will we get a Locke-walking miracle from Dr. Shephard? I liked his confidence going into the surgery.

Lines of the night:

Harshest- "John Locke was not a believer. He was a sucker."

Hurleyism- "What's going on?" "People trying to kill us again."

Sawyerism- "That pilot that looks like he stepped off the set of a Burt Reynolds movie." Also, his reference to Claire drinking LockNess' Kool-Aid. Ha!

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