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LOST in a Flash: Top 10 from 'The Last Recruit'

Whitney Matheson who writes the Pop Candy column on the USA Today has a LOST discussion thread after each new episode and each Friday she posts the ten most intriguing comments. I seriously cannot believe some of the little Easter Eggs people catch. Here are the ones for the 4/20/10 episode, The Last Recruit. (Click the title to link to the article.) There are some really good ones this week:

1. okgirl_ok: What I love in this episode?
Jack's mirror moment reveals not self-reflection but ... LOCKE!
What a beautiful juxtaposition.

2. Sister Carrie: It looks like the same ancient story was played out in two different ways tonight.
The first is when Locke is in the ambulance and says, "My name is John." I knew this sounded familiar. It reminded me of the story of the birth of JOHN the Baptist. His father Zachariah didn't believe the angel Gabriel when he told Zachariah that his barren wife Elizabeth, a daughter of AARON (and also the name of Libby's sailboat!), would conceive in old age. Because of his UNBELIEF he was struck mute. It wasn't until after the baby was born and relatives were arguing over what his name should be that his father wrote on a TABLET: "His name is John" (the name the angel gave him). At that moment his BELIEF restored him, caused his physical restoration and he was able to speak. I had a feeling tonight that Locke's pronouncement of the words "my name is John" was significant in some way, some declaration of belief that would also lead to his physical RESTORATION (which of course will be at the hands of Jack, who also showed evidence of his BELIEF on the Island tonight).
This same scene was played out in a different way with Sun. She also used a TABLET to communicate because she could no longer speak English. But once she was reunited with Jin, she was able to say "I love you." And Frank rightly said, "Looks like someone got their voice back." Two different kinds of restoration, playing off the same ancient story.

3. jwildstarIt was revealed that Ilana's last name is Verdansky. Is that a play on the name Vernadsky as in Vladimir Vernadsdky, a Russian mineralogist and geochemist who is considered one of the founders of radiogeology?
Interesting that Sideways Ilana has no accent. And on the door to the law office: Sweetzer & Verdansky. That's the second shout out to Sweetzer this season. Penny and Desmond are having coffee at the corner of Sweetzer and Melrose.

guyf wrote: 
Just an observation that what we're being told from some of the characters is inconsistent. If Flocke was appearing as Jack's dad, how did Jack see him in LA in the lobby of the hospital after he got off the island?
Also, Michael said the whispers were heard when dead people appear or are around. We heard whispers before Goodwin's wife told Juliet to stop Faraday and Charlotte from doing their work at the Tempest, and we also heard whispers when Walt would appear. Neither of them were dead. Like always, I wonder if there's more to the story...
I agree completely with you...I was really disappointed when Flocke told Jack that he was pretending to be Christian. It doesn't make any sense at all. Christians body was missing from the coffin, unlike Locke's body who was still in his coffin. This has already been discussed but MIB doesn't take over someone's actual body, he takes over their likeness. So where is Christian's body??? I always thought that Christian had been brought back to life due to the island's healing powers (or Jacob's touch). Remember at the beginning of season 5 when Sun and Lapidus went to the dharma camp looking for Jin. It was Christian who they found in the dharma camp waiting for them. He told Sun that if she wanted to see Jin again, that she would have to be "patient"; the same thing that Richard told Ben when he was a child (when Ben asked to join the others). This seemed like a very Jacob-y thing to say. Also, at the same time Sun and Lapidus were talking to Christian at the dharma camp, Flocke was already walking around back at the beach with Richard/Illana...remember??? Flocke and Christian can't BOTH be MIB. Flocke is lying to Jack and Claire. He is manipulating them so that they trust him. I don't think we've seen the last of Christian.
And your point about Jack seeing Christian in the hospital off the island...we NEVER see MIB off the island but Jacob on the other hand..he's been seen quite frequently.

5. Ashleysailvt: To piggyback on my whole Flocke is lying about being Christian thing...When Jack asked if he was pretending to be Christian and FLocke said yes, Jack asked why. FLocke's reason: "You were looking for water". Jack JUST told Hurley this story a few episodes back while they were in the caves on their way to the lighthouse. He said when he was out looking for water, he saw his father in the jungle. He said he chased his father until that pursuit led him right to the water he was seeking. MIB could've totally overheard that story...or Hurley could've repeated it to him?

6. kraz: Looking like Desmond going through the magnetism box has somehow put Jacob into his body. He has all the knowledge that Jacob does and is performing all the same tasks in the alt timeline.

7. KerryAnn: When Jack dives from the bomb and Locke carries him away, he tells him, "Now you're with me" (pardon it is not exact). This makes me think JACK JUST DIED.

8. wolv256: And I know the big theory is gonna be "Is Jack dead?" But remember the dynamite couldn't kill him earlier. I don't think he's dead.

9. HowwillitendThe paramedic taking Locke to the hospital said that Locke's wheelchair was totally destroyed. That's not true! I saw the screencap showing Desmond driving away after hitting Locke, and the wheelchair is just fine!!
This is one of many odd occurances happening in the sideways world. The date being off on Claires sonogram, The flight arrivals that Desmond is looking at shows Oceanic 815, arrived, the next frame, it say it hasnt arrived yet.Desmond being on the plane, then seeming to vanish!
Could this mean that there are Two sideway worlds, or are things just out of sync with that world because it's not supposed to happen that way?

10. Sister CarrieNow Original Ben and Sideways Locke have a shared experience: lying facedown on an operating table waiting for Jack to save their lives.
Should Juliet find her way into the OR, their experience will be complete.

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