Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dog Lady

So my brother Logan is getting married next week. My younger brother Logan. Being unmarried isn't something weighing on my mind and depressing me day in and day out or anything, but as a 27 year old single woman (but only since like six weeks ago you guys ;) of course I have thought about the possibility that I may end up, errrr, hmmm, alone just sounds so depressing, so we'll go with still single. (Or as TAMN would say, a perma-spinst). If this happens I will NOT be a cat lady. I will be a dog lady. I am not particularly fond of cats, but I have always loved dogs. I still have a book that I got when I was maybe ten, sort of like this one, and at least half of the pages still have sticky markers in them for all of the dogs that I seriously planned on eventually owning. I'm a believer in dreaming big. I was going to be a dog breeder and I was going to own acres of beautiful open space where my dogs could frolic freely and we would be so happy:


I think that this is still a perfectly respectable goal. If you have never had a dog and don't understand the appeal, just go to the Pixar movie Up! and fall in love with Doug the dog. Doug already loves you. If for some reason having dogs in my still single latter years doesn't work out for me, I would also settle for the company of Rajah the tiger.

Okay, so technically he is of the cat family (alright, and the fictional, animated family, if you insist on being picky), but tigers and lions and leopards and such are loads better than house cats in the Awesome Animals To Own category. Yes, that IS a real category. He is cuddly and comforting and protective, and, come on, every little girl (and maybe little boy?) who saw Aladdin wanted to take Rajah home. Oh, and in this fantasy scenario with Rajah I would also like to look like Jasmine, please.

What the...!?!... Ah, crap. Well, my dogs will still love me.


Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

Hayls! I can hear you saying all this in my head, and I LOVE it. I'm so glad you're FINALLY blogging :) You will never look like THAT Jasmine, by the way..

Dave and Kirst said...

HAHAHA. That Jasmine is totally awesome Hayls -where in the world did you find that?!