Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Geek Am I

Pretty much I'm a big geek. I blame it all on the brilliant abundance of cartoons that I grew up with in the early 80s. Partly because now all of those cartoons are being made into live action movies and I already know the characters and feel sentimental about them, and partly because even though in the early 80s girls were starting to emerge as a bit more than just the traditional damsel in distress roles, the boys still got to fight the best battles and be the most brave, so I grew up a MAJOR tomboy. I loved the new Star Trek movie and I'm excited for the G. I. Joe movie coming out except that its Stephen Sommers who directed the first two Mummy movies and Van Helsing which were fun, but cartoony where I would have liked to see G. I. Joe taken a little more seriously like with the new Batman movies...

...oh, and I love comic book movies, although, don't even get me started on the discrepancies in characters and time lines in the new Wolverine movie or the disastrous plot changes to the Phoenix storyline in X-Men: The Last Stand .... whoa. See. Geek. I have all of the movies that I want to see on my Facebook calendar- I wish I could find an app. to stick that calendar on my blog... Basically what I'm trying to say is that I'm excited for the Transformers sequel that came out today, okay? Anybody want to go to it with me? Also, I hope that my future children that are girls are cool with action figures, cause I do NOT relate to Barbie. Wait, is there a Pirate Barbie? How about a Ninja Barbie? Hmmm.

All we need now is a movie like this awesome fan made trailer ;)

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