Monday, June 22, 2009


Well, my Dad is LDS Mission President in Durban, South Africa. He and my Mom and my two youngest brothers have been there for two years and have one year left. With my brother's wedding though, my Mom got to come home for a few days this past week for the festivities. Did I mention, yay! I love my Mom. I know, everyone loves their mother. Even people who say they hate their mothers love their mothers. (What movie?)

Don't worry, she's not giving you the stink eye, that's just the way her face looks. ;) Poor woman had a detached retina a few years ago and is lucky to be able to see out of her bum eye. Don't pay the extra to take her to a 3-D movie, cause she has no depth perception! Sad story. Anyways, typical us, with all of the business of showers and get-togethers and what not of wedding week, one thing that we made sure to have squared away was where we would be dining each day she is here. We are an eating people. There are restaurants that she has been missing and craving that are on the top of the To Do list for the week: P.F. Changs, Macaroni Grill... her favorite, that we had to throw in twice, was Costa Vida. Mama needed her some sweet pork.

Torry and her two kids, Eva (4) and Brody (1 1/2) came into town from Texas and it was sooooo good to have them! They just moved this past January and I used to spend a lot of time with them, so it was hard when they left. In the pic above we are on the steps of the Temple with our friends Beus and Draper who knew my folks in California before they were married and are basically our non-blood-related aunt and uncle. I used to visit them in SoCal almost every summer until a little over a year ago when they had 'one too many hits from the snake' and moved to ... wait for it ... South Dakota. Your guess is as good as mine. Ah well, love them anyway.

Isn't Logan going to be such a cute dad? Congratulations Logan and Sara, and happy birthday Log, as well! 25 on the 22nd.


Dave and Kirst said...

Love all the pics! I want one of just you in all your hotness in your bride's maid dress, since I didn't get to see it :D

Elisabeth (and Tyler) said...

That dress is HOT HOT HOT! And I totally wish I could have been there to meet your Mom.. She birthed you. Need I say more?