Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm a Mann... wait, I'm a Briggs... Oh, I'm a Doxey... Er, I'm a Mann?

I am very close with the families of a couple of my really good friends. This is always nice, of course, but particularly when my own parents are out of the country. This past weekend I spent in Cedar City with my friends the Briggs: Kirsten (now Smith), Breanne and their mom Julie:

We went to The Secret Garden musical and also Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors at the Shakespeare Festival (both very good, and we spent the whole weekend speaking in bad German accents, for some reason):

We stayed at their Grandma Dee's and spent time with their Aunt Kay and cousins. I have met these people on previous other Briggs family occasions and often feel that I am a Briggs myself. I'm okay with it.

Two weeks before this I went to Lake Powell with my friends the Doxey's. (My first time to Lake Powell ever- I know, I know ...) This is another family that I have spent a lot of time with and been to a lot of events for and met a lot of their extended family and feel right at home with. Sadly not all of my Doxey's could be there, but I had a fabulous time:

(I stole this first pic from Andi's blog ;)

I'm not really sure if I send off a lost puppy vibe or if I'm just too darn likable for my own good or what, but I surely don't mind that people I love feel inclined to adopt me, and I adore having extra families to play with. This weekend I have my big family reunion in McCall, Idaho with my Mann cousins, which I look forward to every year, so I'm sure that is all it will take for my identity crisis will be resolved. I don't really mind being a Briggs or a Doxey every once in a while though. ;)


Amy said...

Yep. Definitely the problem is that you're too lovable. Well more so than the "lost puppy vibe" option. I'd adopt you.

Dave and Kirst said...

yea! i made it onto the blog! and don't i look great ;D