Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Musical Artists I Love - Billy Joel

When I think of my family going on road trips when I was young, some of the music that I specifically remember listening to in the car (other that kid music like Raffi and Disney movie soundtracks) are Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, The Beach Boys and Billy Joel. This is all music I still love. If you know me at all you know I am obsessed with musicals (more on that later, no doubt... ;) and every time I go to California or the warm ocean somewhere I HAVE to listen to The Beach Boys, but Billy Joel... I can listen to him all the time. The man can rock you into motion or move you with a ballad with equal finesse. The real brilliance of Billy Joel though, is in his lyrics. The man knows how to woo, and not in a confusing, hokey Sometimes When We Touch sort of way (pretty words man, but do you even know exactly what you are talking about?) His lyrics aren't some clever Shakespearean sonnet, they are honest and intuitive and relatable.

Exhibit A- Innocent Man:

Premise: You have begun a new relationship with someone but they are standoffish because they have been hurt before, but you are willing to be patient:

... Cause I've been there
And if I can survive, I can keep you alive;

I'm not above going through it again.
I've not above being cool for a while,

If you're cruel to me I'll understand.
Some people run from a possible fight,

Some people figure they can never win;
And although this is a fight I can lose,

The accused is an innocent man.

Not cheesy, just honest. Seriously men, if you want a correct perspective from a man's point of view on what women need to hear, listen to Billy Joel's-

Tell Her About It


Just the Way You Are

And how about We Didn't Start the Fire?

He can send a thoughtful message just by listing off events in our nation's history. Also, wow, can he play the piano. I went to a Billy Joel concert that came through town about a year and a half ago, and I tell you what, that man's still got it. You know what I'm talking about Bear, and you too, Chelle, you were there! He was even the voice of Dodger in Disney's Oliver and Company, so, that is automatic positive pointage:

I dare you to listen to that clip or listen to just the first couple of chords of Uptown Girl and stop yourself from smiling:

He recently grew even higher in my esteem because I read that he called the Glee people (the Fox show starting this fall that I am already in love with) and told them that they could use whatever songs of his they want.

And So it Goes, Billy, that when I am needing to know that someone has felt what I'm going through and will tell it to me straight, in your own words, I would choose to be with you, and you can have this heart to break.

And So It Goes

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Scooter and Jessica Plowman said...

OK, I'm so glad you made this tribute to Billy Joel. I also have him inextricably linked to many many childhood memeories. Hello, rollerblading around the garage pretending that I was ice skating in the Olympics and the song I had chosen for my routine was ALWAYS "Uptown Girl." Every time.