Thursday, July 23, 2009

SYTYCD: Season 5: Top 8- The Follow-Up

Wow! I was way off, but pleased about, well, half of it. I love that you can never tell what is going to happen with this dang show and that one night and one amazing routine, after consistently being in the bottom, can totally turn it around. That beautiful number last night completely saved Melissa and Ade, and I am thrilled about it because I have been prepping myself all day for both of them potentially leaving! They weren't even in the bottom two. Also, holy cow, Janette and Brandon in the bottom for the first time and Janette out! I did not see it coming at all because they are both so good and because neither had been in the bottom ever. They are awesome dancers, but I have never totally warmed up to either of them personality wise, especially Brandon. Janette is such an amazing dancer, but as my TBFF (T for text) Elisabeth and I were just saying, she always seemed somewhat disconnected emotionally. This is the search for "America's favorite dancer," after all, not necessarily the very best. Brandon is so good as well, but I would have rather seen him go that Jason who is so sweet. Brandon just seems so cocky to me. Anyways, it is nice to still have Evan around, but I will be upset if he wins the whole thing. As we learned tonight though, you can't always tell!

Then & Now:

It was the big 100th episode and it was so good to see so many of my favorite dancers from the past seasons in the audience! Also, they had some of the dancers return to re-perform three Emmy award winning numbers from Season 2 and 3:

Jaime & Hok- Season 3

Heidi & Travis- Season 2

Top 10 Group Dance- Season 2

Just six dancers left and two weeks til the finale! Gaaaaah!


Scooter and Jessica Plowman said...

Ummm... I need to get my TV hooked up so I can start watching this show! It looks basically amazing!

Amy said...

I thought Melissa should've been going home....SHOCKED to read that Janette was the loser (I just learned this on your blog) SHOCKED!