Thursday, July 23, 2009

SYTYCD: Season 5: Top 8

So You Think You Can Dance (dance, dance...)

I didn't start blogging about this until now because it was just too many good numbers and too many names to keep track of. Now we are at Top 8 week though, and then next week will be Top 6, and then it will be the Finale! At some point I will probably post some of my favorite routines from the past few weeks though. As for now, however, let's talk Top 8. Favorite routines of the night:

Melissa & Ade - Contemporary: A Tyce Diorio # inspired by his friends battle with cancer. Beautiful.

Jeanine & Brandon - Pop-Jazz: She's my favorite girl and he, though not my favorite personality of the guys, is the best male dancer this season.

Kayla & Jason - Hip Hop: A Shane Sparks # "featuring Jason as a murderous monster and Kayla as his endangered zombie mistress." Campy, theatrical, fun.

Vote-Off Predictions:

It is always so tough when it gets to this point because there are only four girls and four guys left and they are all sooooo good. I don't really bother voting personally until it gets to the finale, so I can't be a hypocrite and get TOO mad about people I like getting voted off anyway. This prediction isn't necesarily who I think will get voted off this week, its more who I think probably should.

Evan & Melissa

I love them both. Evan is so adorable and I love his old Hollywood style, but I just don't think he is quite edgy enough to pull off multiple genres quite like they should be pulled off. He has prioven himmself a strong partner, despite his height, but he just isn't funky enough. All of the past winners are people who make every style look easy and flawless, and he doesn't quite pull that off. He does have a huge following and has from the beginning though, so he could very easily be safe. Melissa I thought was kind of an odd personality at first but her eccentricity has really grown on me and she has been consistent in all her routines despite being the first full on ballerina they have ever had on the show. She had that amazing, emotional number with Ade this week, and I can't think of why she should get voted off... until I think of the three other girls that are still in it and how all three of them deserve to stay just a little bit more.

So there's my two cents. Feel free to disagree! We'll find out tonight. It should be a really good show as its the 100th episode and they are bringing back some of the old dancers from previous seasons to dance numbers from the show that have won Emmy's. Its perfect timing because the Emmy noms were just announced last week and three numbers from last year were nominated or choreography:

1- Mia Michaels Contemporary routine with Katee & Twitch:

2- Tabitha & Napoleon Hip Hop routine with Chelsie & Mark:

3- Dimitri (one of the contestants from Season 2) Tango routine with Chelsie & Joshua:

All great numbers. All great dancers. All great choreographers. All on my iPod for my immediate viewing pleasure.

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