Thursday, July 30, 2009


Guest judge this week: Lil' C. Ummm, I find him extremely entertaining, but (or maybe because?) half the time I have no idea what he is talking about. He isn't exactly in wacky Paula territory, but he just gets too metaphorical for his own good sometimes. ;)

Dances of the night:

One of the regular choreographers, Sonya, did a routine for the Top 3 Guys:

Sonya also did a routine for the Top 3 Girls. The theme for the girls dance was Super Heroes: Kayla= Storm, Jeanine= Wonder Woman, Melissa= Buttercup (from Powerpuff Girls, hahaha!) Check out their belts with the first letters of their names on them and their makeup that looks like masks. Sa-weet:

Jeanine & Ade had a Samba routine and then this Hip Hop routine by Tabatha & Napoleon who I love, they are soooo creative (Theme: Friends getting evicted from their apartment):

Melissa & Evan had a Broadway routine and a Quickstep routine- both good, but neither blew me away:

Kayla & Brandon had two great routines, Contemporary (Theme: She knows she needs to leave her lover but she can't) and then Disco:

Next week is the Season 5 Finale and the four I hope will be in the finale are: Jeanine, Ade, Kayla and Brandon. Though I think it should be Ade, I am guessing that Evan will end up in the finale because he has had such a great following this whole season. Don't get me wrong, I do love his charm and his unique style and heaven knows I am a huge fan of Broadway, but for what this show is I think Ade deserves it a little more. I think he has been underrated a lot of the season. I love Melissa as well and it is impressive that she has gotten this far as a the first full on ballerina that the show has ever had, but again, Jeanine and Kayla deserve it more. I would be thrilled for either of those two girls to win. I have loved Jeanine since the beginning and Kayla is always perfect and I think the girls in general have been stronger than the boys this year overall. In the four seasons that the show has been on a girl has only one once- Sabra in Season 3:

So I think it will be Melissa & Ade out this week, though of course it could be another shocker like last week!


Dave and Kirst said...

still have to watch this week, finally caught up with last week. i'm so busy with this darn play! but it's gonna be AWESOME!! we have such a talented cast, my self included... ahem.

Amy said...

Amen all over the place. Why does Melissa bug me so much? She's got mad talent, but she bugs me.

PS THANK YOU for putting the videos up. I will love you forever for that. :)

Rachelle Arlene Doxey said...

Hayls, I love that you post these! I feel like you do it just so I can keep up! Love it!