Wednesday, February 3, 2010

LOST S6: E1 & E2- 'LA X'

LOST- adjective: 1. no longer to be found; 2. having gone astray or missed the way; bewildered as to place, direction, etc; 3. not used to good purpose, as opportunities, time, or labor; wasted; 4. being something that someone has failed to win; 5. destroyed or ruined; 6. distracted; distraught; desperate; hopeless

Wow, that was officially nuts. Here we go-

Juliet: I thought this was very interesting. I had fully prepared myself for the fact that we had seen the last of Juliet, as sad as that made me. I knew the actress, Elizabeth Mitchell, was going to briefly appear in the season but I thought it was going to be in a flash or in an off-island scenario. It was an interesting choice to keep her alive just long enough to let her die. Was it for a sense of closure so that she could die in Sawyer's arms instead of alone? Interesting how in those last moments of life she seemed to be out of it for a bit, talking about getting coffee, and then she came back and wanted to tell Sawyer something. Miles says that what she wanted to say was, 'it worked.' For her to know that it worked, it seems that in those last moments, caught between life and death, she was somehow embodying both of her existing psyches at once, and the conversation about coffee is the conversation that she was having in the parallel circumstance. At this point, I just hope that the person that she ends up having that coffee conversation with is Sawyer (oh, and also, that he is NOT trying to swindle her at the time).

The Man in Black: Instead of just calling him the Man in Black, I think we need to call him the Superman in Black- did you SEE how that bullet bounced off him and then he turned into Smokey!! Maybe Super Villain in Black. It certainly does seem at this point that there is no question that he is indeed the bad guy. When Man in Black was talking about wanting to get off the island, it made me think of Greek mythology- Zeus wrangled all of the elder race of Gods, the Titans (who are often presented in monster form), and cast them into an abyss called Tartarus which became sort of a prison for Gods who have committed crimes. Has Man in Black been trapped here all of this time and wants out so that he can be free to wreak destruction and havoc in the world once again?

Hurley: Nice to see you taking some kind of charge, buddy. Loved it when Jacob told you he was killed an hour ago and you were like, 'Dude, that sucks.' Classic Hurley. So the guitar case was filled with a giant wooden ankh (Egyptian sign of life) with a secret letter inside. What did the letter say exactly?

"Dear minions,
Below are the names of the people I have chosen and need to bring me back from the dead:
Thanks, Love Jacob."

Was this situation the whole point of Jacob choosing Hurley as one of his special group? He knew that this was going to happen and needed Hurley, who sees the dead, to be there to get the message to the Temple?

Sayid: Is that the Fountain of Youth in the Temple? Is that why Richard doesn't age? Is that what they are protecting? So 'there will be risks' in healing Sayid- like when they had to heal kid Ben after Sayid shot him and Richard was asking them if they were sure because he wouldn't be the same... he has to die to live again and that changes a person? If Sayid is back in his body now, why the delay? Why didn't he wake up when they expected him to? Was he unworthy? When Jacob touched found him and touched him on the street did that give him some kind of get-out-of-death-because-I-still-need-you free card? Or, in another possible scenario... is it now Jacob in Sayid's body? There was a moment when it seemed the body spoke to Miles- what was that about?

Sun and Jin: Such contrasting scenarios for them. They are finally back in the same time on the island, so when they are able to get to each other I am sure it will be a beautiful and happy event. Back in LA, they are at their original relationship of Jin being domineering and Sun wanting to escape him. Is she going to let him take the fall for his suspicious belongings and continue to play dumb about understanding English?

Old Friends: It was nice to see some familiar faces. Nice story for your sister, Boone, way to cover up the fact that the actress has scheduling conflicts ;) Charlie, interesting wording when you found yourself alive- 'I was supposed to die.' Not, 'I wanted to die,' or something like that. He was very calm about it. What do you know, Charlie? When you were so close to death, as seems to have happened with Juliet, did you get a glimpse of your other self and understand something? Desmond, nice to see you brother, but where did you go? Were you really even there? Only Jack ever saw you for sure, and we know you have the ability to time travel that no one else possesses. Did you just zoom your little self there to make sure your buddy Charlie got saved? Also, its kind of funny to see the flight attendant acting as a full-on Other.

Fate: Is fate somehow still at play in this other version of reality? Did Christian's body get lost so that Jack and Locke would meet? Were things meant to work out so that Kate would end up in a taxi with Claire? It seems that there is a possibility of Sawyer conning Hurley, therefore connecting them, and by the looks of it Jin could meet up with Charlie in jail. Are we seeing that their lives would intertwine in any scenario? There did seem to be moments on the plane when Jack looked like he was almost having deja vu or the memory was so close to him but not close enough. Will they eventually start remembering their other life? Though we haven't seen them (yet?) we can presume that everyone was on that plane, as in Anna Lucia, Libby, Eko, Michael... will we see them again and will their lives all connect even if this other reality? Also, now with any show with fantasy type elements to it, they can really do what they want, but it seems to me that at some points these two realities will have to come together. Book placement has always been prominent in LOST, and does anyone remember how when Jacob was sitting on the park bench waiting for Locke to crash out of the window before touching him, he was reading, Everything That Rises Must Converge. I think these two different lifetimes will have to eventually converge. Interesting are the differences we are seeing with people. In the beginning we saw that the island was submerged, so bombing the almost-hatch in 1977 affected a lot more than just stopping one plane from eventually crashing. Desmond would have never gone the the island. Hugo is lucky. What else will we discover. Was Faraday never born?

PS- I wonder if it will ever come back to the random fact that Kate ended up in a tree or if that was just for our confused amusement. Also, what was with Jack's bleeding neck on the plane? Enough with the wide-eyed, 'its you!' moments- can somebody just give us a name for the Man in Black?!


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His name's Dandelion, it's a touchy subject, so he doesn't use it very much.

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I'm pretty sure your comments are far more interesting than watching LOST - which I don't. I now have a lot of very peculiar ideas in my head!
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