Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kirsten. It's Your Birthday.

Well, Kirsten Lorah (Briggs) Smith, I did say that I would keep birthday posts to immediate family only, but you ARE sort of my BFF and all, so I guess I'm entitled to break the rule and reminisce for a moment on this celebratory day of your birth. How did we not know each other when we were both in Hawaii for the same summer term? How did we not hang out more during and right after our Europe semester abroad? How are we not related?! I think the following images of our joyous times together kinda prove that we should be:

Oh, whoops, that last one is from fifty years in the future, exploring some foreign beach. You get the gyst though, which basically is:

Kirsten + Hayley = Awesome

And so, my dear Kirst, sincerely from me to you . . .

Just have a happy birthday, okay?

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dave + kirst said...

Hahaha. Oh we do have some GOOD times don't we??!! Ha. Thanks for the post Hayls- I feel truly loved, like I'm part of the family :D (Sorry I'm reading it the day after but it's kind of like when you get a present after your birthday and it's even BETTER because it's on a day when you're not getting presents! :D)