Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LOST S6: E3- 'What Kate Does'

Today I begin to understand what love must be, if it exists. When we are parted, we each feel the lack of the other half of ourselves. We are incomplete like a book in two volumes of which the first has been LOST. That is what I imagine love to be: incompleteness in absence.

-Edmond and Jules De Goncourt

Significance of the Title: Now the title of this week's episode, What Kate Does, is an interesting play off of the title of the season 2 episode titled What Kate Did when we first discover that she killed her real dad who she thought at the time was just her abusive step-dad. Is it a reference to the killing or to the running from justice, which she does in both scenarios? Is what she did exactly the same in this parallel reality? With her simply asking Claire if she would believe her if she said she was innocent, it left it vague. We know things were different for others this time around. As far as fate and karma and things like that are concerned, do the actions of the characters in one reality affect what happens to them in the other?

I'm really liking the Kate and Claire dynamic and I love that back in Season 1 it was Kate who helped deliver Aaron and now she helps get Aaron delivered again. Eeeeew, creeper Ethan. Side note, in this reality was he ever an Other since the island is under water? At hearing the name of Aaron I felt like Kate had a couple of moments of almost remembering the way Jack did on the plane in the premiere, which makes me even more sure that there two realities will have to collide at some point.

Reborn Sayid is kinda timid and un-Sayidlike. I miss tough Sayid. This new one is whiny. So he has been... Claimed. When glasses hesitated on the translation I was sure he was going to say posessed. Why is it that the wanted/needed Jack to be the one to administer the poison pill to him? Is there a rule that says they can't? Whoa, island Claire looks Ca. Ra. Zy. I think that if something can get her unClaimed it will be Kate talking to her about Aaron. It wouldn't be the first time in a story that a mother's love is what it takes to undo some kind of wicked spell. Oldest trick in the book ;)

Here are the two possible conclusions that I draw from this: 1- it verifies to me that the visions of Christian on the island have indeed been the LockNess Monster, (formerly known as the Man in Black, aka, Smokey, who I have to admit, I sort of missed this week. He's just so evil and unpredictable its fun to watch!) This conclusion is drawn from the fact that Claire was with him and not with the Others who apparently feel the need to kill Claimed individuals. At this point in time I feel inclined to presume the Temple People are the 'good guys,' which of course, with LOST, is relative, but Dogen (the Asian Other) is growing on me. 2- The Christian who has had Claire is working with Jacob in some way, and he has kept her away from the Temple People so that she isn't killed. Reasons for this? Well, I am beginning to think that there is a hierarchy on the list of people. I think some people are there to get the other people to where they need to be. Jack is obviously high on the importance list, and I think its possible that Kate and Sawyer are as well. If this is true, perhaps Claire is there for Kate's redemption. Raising Aaron then giving him up and coming back to save Claire... maybe that selflessness is what it takes. Did LockNess as Christian Shephard lure Claire off so Kate would take Aaron to insure that he wouldn't be raised by Claire?

Question: Does a person first have to be drowned in the spring to be Claimed? Can it go either way? You are worthy and you come back as yourself or you are unworthy and you come back Claimed?

Okay, so I just have to say, you know the annoying Other guy who was helping Jin and Kate go after Sawyer? Aldo, I think was his name. Well, if you don't know, he is from this goofy comedy series called It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and it was really distracting watching him. Although, what did he stop the other Other from saying about Rousseau? And what did he mean, she's been dead for years. She hasn't been dead THAT long, right? Is that a hint that this island time is a tad in the future?

Island Sawyer- at first it seemed that he was back to the selfish Sawyer from the first couple seasons, but poor, broken-hearted James. Aaah! He had a ring and everything! Some beautiful acting by Mr. Josh Holloway during that dock scene. These poor actors must be so drained after filming all the emotion they have to portray. Also interesting when Sawyer says, 'which time' in reference to Kate coming after him. She runs away from the things in her own life, but she is compassionate and fiercely protective when it comes to going after and helping others- Sawyer, Claire, Aaron...

Interesting Doc Jensen Theory: ''LA X'' ended with Sideways Fugitive Kate jumping into a cab already occupied by Sideways Claire. In the Island World, Claire was en route to L.A. to meet with a couple that wanted to adopt her unborn child. Claire was given her airplane ticket by a psychic who initially warned her not to give up Aaron, then changed his mind. Kate, Claire, and Aaron have some kind of fused fate. Kate played midwife to Claire during Aaron's birth. And as we already said, Kate took care of Aaron during the Oceanic 6 idyll. Also remember that Kate's whole motivation for leaving her Oceanic 6 life behind and returning to the Island was to bring Claire back. Finally, I can't resist this. Claire's favorite lullaby for Aaron was ''Catch a Falling Star.'' Kate also used to sing for Aaron. As it happens, falling stars play a role in one of the oldest myths of reincarnation we have, found in Plato's Republic. In that philosophical work, we are told the story of how when people die, they choose a new life for themselves, then drink from a river that purges their memory of their old life, and then fall back to earth like shooting stars to their new bodies/lives. Does this explain the Sideways world? Is it the next life that the Island castaways will be reincarnated into? For now, that's my theory.

PS, here's a helpful link that discerns the differences in the 815 flight in the original Pilot episode to the version we saw in the Season 5 Premiere last week: Original VS Flash-Sideways Timeline


Anonymous said...


A few thoughts:

(1) I think Other Ethan, the one delivering Claire's baby, was never technically an Other. He was part of the Darma Initiative as a baby and evacuated when Jack wanted to blow the H-Bomb. I liked seeing him.

(2) So Claire is "claimed," and now she looks and acts just like Rousseau (and I'm pretty sure it's her setting the new traps, and that Aldo didn't want the black Other guy to talk about that). Here's my question: You know how Rousseau kept claiming that her shipmates were "infected" and that she had to kill them? Was it Rousseau who was really infected? Like Claire is now?


Haylscat said...

True enough about Ethan starting out as Dharma, Adam. Since he became part of the Others as he wasn't killed during Ben's genocide and was later taking orders from him, I count him as an Other. Who knows in this parallel reality though. Maybe he really is just a friendly doctor. He was the one in charge of manipulating Claire to get her baby originally, and I recall that he told her something along the lines of he would miss her. He seemed to sincerely like her. Maybe in this reality they can actually be friends. Until now I hadn't thought about how this parallel reality was affecting the lives of the people we have known besides the 815 group (and Juliet ;) If we see the lives of some of the people who we thought of as Others and they are now NOT others, it would definitely play into the big LOST theme that no one can be truly classified as 'good' or 'evil.'

As for Rousseau, that is a VERY good question. Dogen told Jack that Claimed people gradually change from who they were into something else. Something bad that needs to be stopped, I presume, since he wanted Sayid dead. It is definitely true that Rousseau became nutty and dangerous, but she did assist the Castaways. To her own ends, of course, as her goal was Alex. Is her love for Alex what kept her from going completely over to the dark side of being Claimed? Will that be the same for Claire with Aaron?