Wednesday, February 17, 2010

LOST S6: E4- 'The Substitute'

The man who listens to Reason is LOST: Reason enslaves all whose minds are not strong enough to master her.

-George Bernard Shaw

So I'm trying to remember- in the original timeline Helen and Locke had broken up before he went to Australia, yes? So I guess he is not as bitter in this version, though he has lost faith in miracles. Think the whole redemption for him is just letting go and being happy with what he is? Being content in reality without seeking out miracles? I would submit that what Locke needs to learn is that miracles are far more likely to happen when you aren't trying to force/demand them as he tends to do.

I love successful Hugo, and I love all of the connections with everyone coming together in the Flash Sideways. Guess they were all meant to come together in any scenario. I like the idea of Locke as a teacher. Ben would be a creepy teacher though. Of course, Ben would be a creepy anything. Still the question of the Others (like Ben and like Ethan last week) in this Flash Sideways- are they still connected to the island in this scenario?

Ooh, when Ilana was putting Jacob's ashes in the bag I had a very Raiders of the Lost Ark moment, which is never a bad thing. Still don't know her background and why she knows Jacob and so much about the island. She said that LockNess is stuck in that form (and yet he can still turn into Smokey...) so does that mean that he could actually be killed if Sawyer had pulled that trigger? Since they buried the real Locke, he isn't literally inhabiting his body, so how is he stuck? Also, interesting when he was flustered and fell down and I believe he muttered the words, "don't tell me what I can't do." Now that is a Locke line. Since he has chosen this image to represent, does that mean there are strings attached? When you decide to be someones doppelganger are you stuck with some of there essence in you?

I had been thinking that LockNess was the one appearing as the phantoms of the dead to everybody else, but he seems to be seeing a phantom as well. One that Sawyer can also see, but Pretty Eyes Richard cannot. First impression is that the phantom he was seeing seemed to be some kind of child version of Jacob. Baby Jake told LockNess he needs to remember the rules, which include the fact that he can't kill Sawyer. I don't think that this means that he literally/physically can't, or else he wouldn't need the reminder. With that in mind, it seems an even odder conversation- LockNess, despite all of his talk to convince Sawyer that the island is just an island and despite his murderous ways and intentions that typically conflict with Jacob, he obviously knows full well the power of the island, and respects and even perhaps fears it. Also, I presume this rule about not killing applies to all of those that Jacob touched.

Speaking of which, thanks for some answers, LOST! The numbers are associated with those touched by Jacob and they are all potential candidates. To be the new Jacob. Interesting how their numbers aren't in order. After last seasons finale I was working under the assumption that this isn't the first time Jacob has gathered what we can now refer to as 'potential candidates' to the island. So, I wonder if he had the names in his head years and years ago and wrote them down (or up rather) and numbered them, not knowing at that point what combinations or which generations they would be a part of. Epic. Also, Kate doesn't seem to have a number. Interesting.

That was a crazy with the LockNess Monster as Smokey perspective, flying around and spying on angry Sawyer banging up the house and what not. Don't you torture Pretty Eyes! Though I definitely did not like seeing Richard all beat up, it was even more disconcerting to see hi so afraid when he is usually the zen shaman type. So LockNess is 'recruiting.' So instead of killing Jacob's chosen, since he can't just dispatch them, he has to get them on his side. I guess we will start seeing the two sides forming for the inevitable final showdown. How very observant intoxicated Sawyer is- spotting that Locke wasn't Locke so quickly- guess he's been on this nutty island long enough that things don't surprise him so much anymore. I thought the ladder suspense seemed a tad pointless unless it was just to show the a bond forming between Sawyer and LockNess. (Though didn't we learn something from Speed about relationships that begin under duress...)


Definitely an enticing question, Sawyer, as is the promise of getting off the island, but what is it worth?

Favorite line of the night: "Well I guess I better put some pants on." Nobody can pull of the sarcastic drawl like Sawyer. Mmmm, Sawyer. Don't become the right hand of the devil! The header quote was for Sawyer this week- reason is good as long as you don't ignore faith and emotion and instinct to use it. LockNess is playing him based on reason, but mind and heart need to be used together to make the right decisions. I know his heart is crushed right now but, well, I have faith in him ;) He's always pulled through when it counted before. Maybe he will seem a villain til the end and then play the martyr. I can see it.

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Adam said...

I also liked Ben's quote while they were burying Locke: "He was as better man than I will ever be. I'm sorry that I murdered him."