Wednesday, December 16, 2009


And the winner is!!!!!...... Oh.

I'm not gonna lie, I am a little surprised and a little disappointed. At first the order was going exactly as I would have chosen it myself, so I was feeling really great about it...

6th Place- Ryan
5th Place- Ashleigh
4th Place- Ellenore

...and then things began to go askew...

3rd Place- Kathryn - BOO! (And not the 'Surprise!' kind of boo, the 'Lame!!' kind of boo) Kathryn, honey, how did my 40 votes for you last night not put you solidly into 2nd?!

...Okay, it's cool, it's fine, it's all about Jakob now ... and then...

2nd Place- Jakob - WHAT!?! Sigh. I'm still kind of reeling over this.

Don't get me wrong, congratulations to Russell. I have liked him all season, and definitely wanted him in the Finale and in the Top 4, but I did NOT think he deserved the win. (Also, I have to say, I am a little confused and thrown off by the fact that he got sooo injured (how/when did that happen?) that he couldn't dance his numbers tonight and they had to show video clips instead and he was crying and couldn't walk unassisted and then when they announced him the winner he was jumping all over and seemed totally fine... ummm, adrenaline rush?) Also, Russell has seemed super gracious this whole season, but when they announced him winner he didn't seem humble AT ALL- I was almost as disappointed by that as by the fact that he won it over Jakob and Kathryn.

Other than the little upset of, oh, the wrong person winning, it was a pretty nice Finale ;P The judges picked great numbers from the season to see again, and it was nice that Ashleigh & Ryan finally got to dance a Latin Ballroom piece together, one that they choreographed themselves. Very fun. J Lo is right back to her ol' J Lo self. Super cheesy opening to her song, but it was some fun choreography by NappyTabs (plus her backup dancers were girls from this and previous seasons of the show). She seemed to be the only musical performer tonight (the others being Leona Lewis, Adam Lambert & Mary J Blige) that didn't sing live. I get that she was dancing at the same time, but it just sounded so obviously lip-synced. She looked absolutely gorgeous though.

So, definitely not pleased with the results, but then I remembered that fabulous night a few months ago when Jeanine, the one I had rooted for from the start, won the show, and that made me happy. That also got me starting to think ahead to next season, and here is why:

Back in the tryouts and the original Top 20 of this season, I fell in love with dancer Billy Bell. Jeanine, who is best friends with Jakob, is also good friends with Billy. If you recall during one of the Vegas weeks, Billy was the one that got smacked really hard in the nose during a rehearsal for a ballroom number, never got to rehearse it with the music, and then was still the best one out there when they had to perform it. I was so bummed when Billy got really sick Top 20 week and had to back out of the competition. Now I am sort of thinking it was for the best because he and Jakob are such similar dancers that I wouldn't have liked to have to pick between them. Now Billy can come back and dominate Season 7.

So, since I sadly cannot leave you on a joyful note about the results of Season 6, I will leave you instead with a combination of the lingering joy I feel for Season 5, along with the hopeful joy I feel for the potential of Season 7. Here are the two dancers that represent that joy, Jeanine and Billy, dancing a number they choreographed together:

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Jana said...

Dude! I know!!! I was totally surprised. I like Russell though. The leg thing threw me off big time. I was like, oh! Sad! And then he was like jumping like crazy! So weird. anyway- good show!