Monday, December 21, 2009

Why Are Moms So Funny?

So one of my very favorite websites to look at is-

It makes me laugh so hard every time. Sometimes I read them and think, 'wow, my Mom could have said that,' and sometimes I read them and think, 'what Mom would say that?!' Mostly though, it just brings me a sense of ridiculous peace that the generation gap and relationships between mothers and daughters are pretty much the same all around.

Now if you check my blog regularly, you will have learned by now, from stories like this one, or this one, that I just think zombies are hilarious. So, I particularly enjoyed this correspondence that I read on YoMomma today (the 'Me' is not Me Me):

Me: Do you want to hear my new favorite joke?
Mom: Of course.
Me: OK, what do vegan zombies eat?
Mom: What?
Me: Ha ha!!
Mom: Ha ha!!!
Me: I love it.
Mom: Well, actually, I don’t get it.
Me: They eat grains instead of brains because they’re vegan.
Mom: Do zombies usually eat brains?
Me: Yeah, that’s what zombies eat. Are you not up on your zombie literature?
Mom: I guess not. But I learn something new every day! Now, what’s a vegan?

Haha! I love Moms! (And Zombies)


SisterPresidentMann said...

Uh, I didn't get it either...but I do not what zombies are (just not what they eat) and vegans!
Love, Mom

Haylscat said...

Haha! That's part of why I loved this one Mom, cause I felt like it could have been one of our conversations!