Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Here's my two cents cause I'm such a dance expert: K, so first off, I have officially decided that my favorite girl is Kathryn. I worry about her getting votes though because she isn't as prominent of a personality and that can lead to flying under the radar, but I think she consistently steals the show from her partners and just has a captivating presence and really looks like she means what she is dancing. I think it hurt her that they didn't showcase her right from the tryouts like they did with, say, Mollee. Kathryn is sort of the Kayla of last year for me- consistently amazing, but not as noticeable because she is such a serene personality. When she gets on that dance floor though, wow. Love her. Favorite guy since the beginning has been Jakob, no question. Even without the fact that he is BF with my beloved Jeanine from last season, though it doesn't hurt, he is adorable and completely incredible. If I had to guess right now I would say Jakob is going to win the whole thing. Love him. I cannot wait to see Kathryn & Jakob dance together.

So the dances and partnerships of the week were as follows:

Ryan & Noelle- Hip Hop & Waltz: The Hip Hop was fun and I agree with the judges that Noelle finally seemed a little more adult instead of just her normal cutesy in this number. Don't get me wrong, I like her, but I think she is the weakest of the girl dancers left. I had a good laugh after the Waltz when Nigel made the comment about them seeming like a Disney prince and princess because that is exactly what Ash and I were sitting and talking about during the dance. With that blue silky shirt and his chest bulging dramatically and his perfectly parted and slicked hair, Ryan looked like he should be playing Prince Eric (or perhaps Gaston?) at Disney.

Ashleigh & Legacy- Contemporary & Hip Hop: The first one I really liked. It was creative and entertaining. The lacking of the second routine was totally not their fault, it was the weak choreography and the cheesy/dramatic costumes. Over-the-top costumes can work, but only if the routine is playful or satirical, like the crash test dummies with Ashley & Kupono last season, or the zombie group routine in season two. I found myself rolling my eyes at this one. I though Ashleigh held her own, but I think this new partnership is showing how much Kathryn carried Legacy.

Kathryn & Nathan- Broadway & Rumba: Broadway can often fall flat, and this coming from a declared show tunes fanatic, but they aced it. So good to see Nathan with someone new, though I still think he is overrated. The judges, except for token judge #3 Adam Shankman, thank you Adam, were hard on the Rumba. I completely agree that Nathan had no passion, but come on people, Kathryn absolutely smoldered in this routine. I felt like, though he dances beautifully, Nathan was really just there to showcase Kathryn in both of these numbers. (Do I sound partial? ;)

Ellenore & Jakob- Quickstep & Contemporary: She is soooo likable and he is soooo amazingly bendy. They had a great night. There is no way either of them is in the bottom. Quickstep is not my favorite, but they looked fabulous and did a good job. Their Contemporary was my favorite number of the night. Sonya is quickly becoming my favorite choreographer with Mia gone.

Mollee & Russell- Lyrical Jazz & Jive: Though I thought both of these were great choreography and very well danced, I didn't quite get how over the moon the judges were about this couple and their amazing chemistry. I didn't feel it. I just can't get myself to take Mollee seriously for some reason, even though I will happily acknowledge that she is a very athletic dancer and seems very sweet, and I actually really like Russell, but I was a little surprised by just how fanatical the judges were about them. I wish I could jump on the Mollee bandwagon with everyone else, but just can't quite. I enjoyed both of the numbers but I didn't feel the numbers. If that makes sense ;)

(I couldn't find the Jive)

I actually didn't agree with a lot of the judging tonight and I think its because this is the first week the judges don't get any real say in who gets voted out, so they have to speak up for their favorites while they have any pull. I'm thinking that tonight the girl voted off will be either Noelle or Ashleigh and the guy voted off will be either Ryan or Legacy.

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