Wednesday, December 16, 2009

SYTYCD SEASON 6- TOP 6: Finale Pt. I

So it was a completely crazy night, only an hour long but they crammed in 9 routines. At least they didn't have to dance solos tonight. Those poor kids and the insane costume changes they have to go through! Better not be shy in that group ;) All the girls danced with all the boys, and Kathryn ended up with the ideal styles to suit each of her partners- I couldn't have picked it better for her. Here was the order of the night:

Ryan & Kathryn: Samba(Choreographer Jason Gilkison) - This Australian ballroom choreographer just started working with the show last season, and I have really been loving him! Ballroom was always pretty to me, but nothing special, but Jason is so creative and has really made me appreciate the potential for originality in Ballroom the same way that NappyTabs made me realize the storytelling possibilities of Hip Hop. Aaah thank you choreography masters of SYTYCD, you have taught me so much ;P

Jakob & Ellenore: Broadway(Choreographer Tyce Diorio) - This was a great final piece for the two of them because they are both so theatrical. Tyce always does great stuff. Super sassy.

Russell & Ashleigh: Lyrical Jazz(Choreographer Sonya Tayeh) - This was nice, but ended up being forgettable for me when up against the routines of a similar style we saw tonight. Sonya is one of my favorite choreographers but this was a little tamer than her norm. Russell really can dance anything it seems, and its nice that we got to see these two dance together since Ashleigh's injury prevented that last week.

Ryan & Ellenore: Jazz(Choreographer Garry Stewart) - I actually thought this choreography was really cool and super unique (great for Ellenore) but it felt a little slow and I agreed with Nigel that though the dance was supposed to be robotic, it left it feeling too cold.

Jakob & Ashleigh: Foxtrot(Choreographer Jean Marc Generaux) - This was a nice final routine for these two. They were always a beautiful partnership. Not one of the more memorable routines of the night overall though.

Russell & Ellenore: Paso Doble(Choreographer Jason Gilkison) - This was nothing special for me. Not as good as the Paso Doble that Kathryn & Legacy did earlier this season, and none of the Paso Doble's this season were as good as some from previous years (Like Jeanine & Brandon last season). Ellenore was beautiful though and Russell was a strong partner.

Jakob & Kathryn: Contemporary(Choreographers Desmond Richardson and Dwight Rhoden) - They FINALLY got to dance together and they miraculously got a contemporary routine and them together was all I hoped it would be and more! Cheesy and cliche, but true. I'm not familiar with these choreographers, but this piece was just stunning. Why couldn't these two have just danced together from the beginning?! They compliment each other so ideally. Sigh. At least I got to see them dance together once. Best of the night, and not just because these two are my favorites. This piece just perfectly represents exactly why they have been my favorites.

Ryan & Ashleigh: Contemporary(Choreographer Travis Wall) - This was very lovely and very, very sweet to watch, them being married in real life and all, and finally getting to dance together on the show. Getting Contemporary right after the perfection of the Kathryn/Jakob Contemporary seemed a little unfair though. This was a tender piece for them to get to do together, but since they are both Latin Ballroom dancers its really to bad we didn't get to see them dance something together in that style to finish out the show.

Russell & Kathryn: Hip Hop(Choreographers Napolean and Tabitha D’Umo) - Ummm, awesome. NappyTabs, you totally just made up for your lame one last week. As Lil C, our occasional gues choreographer and guest judge would say, "That was buck."

So there you have it.

I think this picture is adorable. I love me my Jeanine who won last season and I love that she is great friends with Jakob. I am still guessing Jakob for the win, but I would be equally thrilled if either Jakob OR Kathryn won. Russell would my third choice, but I really want it to be Jakob or Kathryn. Too bad the top girl and top guy can't both win. I think it does count as something to be in 2nd Place though. We will just have to see how the finale unfolds tonight- as last week showed us, you really never know what might happen. Its different this season because it is the Top 6 in the finale instead of the Top 4, so I feel like they got gypped a week.

On a side note about the crazy judges:

1- Most obnoxious judge of the night was Nigel, and I'll tell you why: two different times Nigel talked about how Kathryn has been his 'favorite girl for weeks now"- what?! Umm, yeah, she has been consistently amazing and she SHOULD be your favorite girl, but you have never given any indication that she has been your fave. Why haven't you given her more love? I feel like you are maybe backpedaling now that your wondergirl Mollee is gone. Hmmm.

2- Most overly weepy judge of the night, surprisingly not Adam, but Mary. Yes its true, some of the pieces were choke-you-up worthy, but it was like once she got going (which was as early as the 2nd routine mind you) she just couldn't stop the rest of the night. A very sentimental gal.

3- Favorite judge of the night was, as usual, Adam, but this evening in particular for saying that the show should be called, "The Rise of Kathryn." Right on, brother. Right on.

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