Wednesday, December 9, 2009

SYTYCD SEASON 6- TOP 8: The Follow-Up

Oh my gosh, what a shocking night! First of all, I was soooo happy that Kathryn was totally safe, but then I was completely surprised that Ashleigh was save too despite not even performing (good for her!) I was happy to see Mollee in the bottom, but with it between her and Ellenore I thought for sure it would be Ellenore out cause Mollee has had this incomprehensible huge following all season, and I was super sad, cause Ellenore has been my second favorite girl. But it ended up Mollee gone! You may be surprised to hear it, but this pleases me ;P

I wasn't really surprised about Legacy and Ryan being the two guys in the bottom, but I was pretty astounded that it was Legacy out this week and not Ryan. I thought Legacy deserved to stay more, but I guess the sentimental in me thinks its nice that the married couple gets to be together in the Finale next week.

Guess it didn't really matter about all these bottom people anyway though, cause face it, Jakob is winning the whole shebang next week ;)

Here's my faves, Kathryn & Jakob! Please oh please get to dance together next week!!

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